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Tell the World believes everyone has a voice and God has given us something to TELL THE WORLD.

So please...Submit, submit, submit!

But first, take a look at these guidelines so you know how it works.

You can write under these categories:
  • How He Saved Me
  • How He Saves Me
  • Telling the World About...

It's all simple, really. Here's what they each mean.

How He Saved Me: 

Under this category, you share with the world your story of salvation: How you came to know God. Or How you drew closer to Him after a period of drifting away. 

How He Saves Me: 

Under this category, you share what God is doing in your life right now or what he once did. What lessons did He teach you? Or what lesson is He teaching you? What verse has been on your mind lately and what are you learning from it? What experience did you go through that's taught you about God, life, hope, joy...etc.
This is obviously a large category where you can share your story of hope.

Telling the World About...:

This category is your chance to be creative! Write about the things that bring you joy. Let's see, you could share your favorite modest fashion tips for the summer, your favorite Christian band you're listening to at the moment, a fun recipe you just learnt, how you've been disciplined enough to keep up with your workout routine, why you enjoy your favorite sport...etc. But whatever you write about, make sure you have fun with it and most of all, lace your words with a message of encouragement! Don't just share the recipe you learnt, let others know that they can do it too! Don't just tell us how you were disciplined enough to stick to your workout, let us know how we can do it too.
This is a fun category so put your personality into it!

See? Pretty straight forward!

But wait! There's more!!!

Living Free - Interview:

If coming up with your own content isn't your thing, then you might just consider an interview! Yes, an interview. I'm conducting an interview series called Living Free. This means, living in the complete freedom that God has given us through His Son, Jesus. Living free of fear, of the bondage of sin, of discouragement...etc. You'll be answering questions that I'll send you and your answers will go up on the blog. Basically, you'll be telling the world how you're living free!


Keep in mind that you can either submit a written article not longer than 900 words or a video not longer than 9 minutes. (This also goes for the interview). Also, I do pay attention to content so anything with inappropriate language or content will be refused.

When submitting, please send in a picture of yourself and a short bio telling us a little about yourself. Be sure to add a link to your website and/or your social media links (for facebook, give the link to a page and not an account).

Where to send to: 

If you would like to submit in one of the three categories, then send your article to with the subject as SUBMISSION. And if you would like to be interviewed, send an e-mail to the same address (subject as INTERVIEW) with your story of how you are living free (in a few lines or paragraphs, you're pretty much free).

Please note: I would love to accept all submissions in conformity with the guidelines but in the case of having too many submissions, the publication date of your submission might be postponed or I might have to be selective. I apologize in advance if that should happen.

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