Friday, April 6, 2018

Travel - Peggy Porschen Cakes Review (London)

On our latest trip to London, high tea was on my lift of to-dos! And since I'd seen so many pictures online, I thought, where better to do it than Peggy Porschen Cakes? If you've come across a picture of the Peggy Porschen cake parlour  online, you would have noted its very pretty pink exterior that no doubt stands out.

Here are a few images from their website:

Big Sis and I got there in the evening so it was mostly dark. We found a LONG line in front of the cake parlour. Keep in mind that this was in November, so no doubt it was freezing. You either had the choice to eat inside or outside. If your choice was inside, you were in the line much longer. When it was finally our turn to be seated, we went in to find that the parlour was actually extremely small on the inside so that the tables were very close to each other. The door was left open, and we were seated right next to the door. Again, this was in November. And we had already waited in line outside for close to 40 minutes. You better believe I kept my coat on! When the table beside us freed, I asked to be moved, but unfortunately, by then it was too late. 

So what did I think?

The staff was very nice and the cakes pretty good and sweet (literally!! if you want something that doesn’t taste too sweet, go for the red velvet cupcake. I don’t do well with too much sugar in pastries so the red velvet was my favorite). However, I felt what really set this place apart from other pastry parlours like itself is...well, the hype. Yes, the hype. A major part of which is probably due to the cute pink outside, the posh name and the lovely dream-like decor inside. As well as, of course, a few bloggers raving about it. 

Personally, it was a pretty uncomfortable experience for me. The tiny inside was cramped! And it was freezing! What's more, they had no Wifi! I was pretty shocked by that. No Wifi meant we had to walk in the dark to the nearest station to call for an Uber. Thank goodness there was a station nearby!

Finally, I didn't feel like the cakes were anything special, unfortunately. They were way overpriced for what they really were. 

Do I recommend? 

If you’re in the area, and you have a lot of time in London and don't mind the prices, go! Experience it for yourself. But if you have to make quite the trip to get there or you’re staying in London for a short time, or simply, you don’t want to blow your money on pastries, I’m sure you can find other shops just as nice, cozier, a whole lot cheaper, where you can be seated comfortably in absolute warmth.

Here are some shots we captured from that night: 

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