Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LOVED - A POEM (written by me)


We live in a world where everything changes. Everything is fickle. And it's so easy to build your identity on those fickle things. Your identity should be built on this unchangeable fact: YOU ARE LOVED. Loved by the one who created you. Gave it all for you and died for you. His love is constant. Everlasting. Never ending. With that strongly in mind, you'll realize nothing else really matters.

So here it is. My poem: "Loved"

The older I grow the more I thought I'd know But the days fly by and I'm left high and dry
I grasp at knowledge But the media push me to the edge Won't tell me what I need to know And what really matters, they fail to show
Words, just words void of actions So instead I'm left with more questions Confusion at its very best So I stand here unimpressed
But why look to the world to tell me who I am All it does is showcase its glam Now I know, the answer doesn't lie in books or the big screen See, they'll tell me how to dress but never remind me I'm a queen.
They can't tell me what I need to be Or that what's in the heart is what's key So I'll look to the One who loved me Gave it all for me and set me free
I'll exchange the world's definition of success And trade in all its excess stress Instead I'll make every day an adventure And commit it all to the Author
Still the answers don't lie in what I do each day The promises I make or the things I say Because along the way I'll fall and fail Maybe even stumble and lose the trail
See, the answer to who I am, is not found in me But in the One who died and rose again So that over and over I can proclaim That who I am is...LOVED

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