Friday, December 25, 2015

7 Christmas Movie Fails - Because it's fun to point them out (Merry Christmas!!!!!)

I can be a pretty random person. I mean, last year, you could hardly get me to sit in front of a Christmas movie. I just about boycotted them. Don't ask why, it just wasn't happening that year. This year, however, I started watching them in October. Like, average 4 movies a week! Not exactly sure how I went from one extreme to the other. Totally random. But anyway, when you've seen that many Christmas movies, you start to notice the major fails that show up in every other movie. And no matter how much it bugs you, you shake your head, smile then watch the next movie. the end of the day, they're still somewhat addictive.

So, on this Christmas day, here is my list of Christmas movie fails. (Please note: these fails mostly apply to contemporary Christmas movies and not the classic ones. I haven't seen enough of those yet ;))

1) The snow miracle

This is that scene where, despite it not having snowed through out the movie, it suddenly starts snowing for no good reason at a significant point in said movie when all's right with the world. It usually occurs at the end of the movie: everyone's happy, problems are solved, the family's together and we're just waiting for the credits to start rolling. BUT the writers decided the movie just won't be complete without someone suddenly looking up and saying "Look! It's snowing!" Sure, it's cute. But c'mon, it couldn't snow earlier on in the movie? And can't the writers hold off from this little cliché when the story takes place in someplace like...oh, I dunno, Florida or California? Because...please, really????

2) Random movie titles  

This one is somewhat self explanatory. Movie makers probably fear no one will watch their Christmas movie unless the words "Holiday", "Christmas" or "Merry" appear somewhere in the title. If they're feeling adventurous, they might go for "Ornament", "Snow" or "Angel" instead. Most of the time, this makes for awkward, predictable or just plain random names.  

3) The Scrooge 

Scrooges come in all forms. Ok, so you might not necessarily find a scrooge scrooge. But you'll most likely find that busy executive / majorly successful person who's too busy for Christmas but one way or another inevitably finds themselves back in their small hometown for the holidays and miraculously rediscovers the true spirit of Christmas. If you haven't come across this at least a dozen times probably don't watch Christmas movies and only stumbled across this page by accident.

4) Awkward family gathering at the end

This! This is sweet yet extremely awkward and painful to watch. All that at once. It's that scene at the end where the family's all gathered around a tree, piano...etc. And everyone's smiling blissfully. Usually, they'll be dancing to some background music, singing a Christmas carol or opening presents - sometimes they'll be doing all three. I saw a movie the other day where as they opened presents, a member of the cast just randomly started singing a solo. Everyone else smiled at each other and watched her sing. It's the kind of scene that would be majorly awkward in real life and that in itself makes it painful to watch.

5) There's snow everywhere but no one's wearing a coat

Call me particular or critical but you expect me to believe the streets are covered in 'real' snow yet not one person is wearing an actual coat, or gloves, or a hat...I rest my case.

6) The main character called "Holly"

Yes, I've seen this several times. Pick a name out of a hat or something. But please, don't overuse the name for the season's sake. 

7) The creepy Santa

You know, the creepy Santa who meddles in everyone's business trying to "fix" everything without really being asked. I have no idea how anyone thought this was a good idea. It creeps me out. And it makes Santa look like a creeper. So, no. If you somehow know a screenwriter, beg them to just not do this. Here's a little tip: for some reason, a meddling angel works much much better. If you want someone to meddle, get an angel. It's just not Santa's job.

Well, that's it friends! Anything to add to the list? While you type it up, excuse me a moment as I go watch my next Christmas movie. Who knows, I might find something with ALL the key words in the title. Like, "Merry Snowy Christmas: A Holiday of Ornaments and Angels." Hahaha. I gotta quit being silly. 

Blessings to you and yours as you celebrate the birth of our Savior :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I will stay away from those puppies!

  2. YES! So many of these are spot on. What a fun post. :) I laugh all the time at the end of Christmas movies as the couple is coming back together (after the stereotypical break up) and am like, "wait, there has to be snow yet!" and usually it begins to fall softly on the kissing couple. ;)

    1. Yessss Rissi! You get it so well! It cracks me up all the time. Yet, they're so sweet to watch! I'm still getting over all the valentine's hallmark movies! ;)