Thursday, April 23, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron - REVIEW (seen in 4DX + 3D) No Spoilers

Anyone who knows me knows about my inexplicable love for all things superheroes. 

So, for Big Sis' birthday, which also happened to be the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" release date over here (April 22nd), I gathered some of our friends together and made it Big Sis's birthday treat. 

This was my very first time watching a movie in 4DX and so not only was I pumped about getting to see some shield-cape-arrow-hammer action on screen, I was giddy about the whole 4DX experience. 

Overall, we had a really fun and amazing time!

Now, on to the no-spoiler review: 

I'll be honest when I say I had no idea what to expect with Age of Ultron. After watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier and was very pleasantly surprised, I wondered about where the Avengers #2 could possibly pick up from after that. 

Well, contrary to Avengers #1's slightly slow beginning, Age of Ultron starts action-packed and straight to the point. But don't get it wrong, this movie wasn't just about fighting the bad guy, cool stunts and witty lines (of course you get a fair share of all that), but director Joss Whedon also makes sure to provide us with some much needed character back story. Yes, people, it gets a little personal. 

With appearances from actors we'd gotten to know and even love in the previous Marvel movies and new appearances who immediately capture your heart, the movie provides an overall deeper sense of "team" and "family" in this sequel. Still, tensions manage to run high as interests naturally clash.   

As a whole, it isn't as 'light' as the first Avengers movie. Serious questions are asked, some answered, others left hanging. Yet it's done well enough that you don't leave the movies in utter confusion and dissatisfaction. In spite it being more serious, the movie's laced with just about the right dose of humor and enough hulk-just being-hulk action to keep you smiling. What's more, the cast provide a satisfying natural display of talent which leaves you wanting more. 

For me, I left the movies with my emotions all over the place and I could hardly shut-up about the movie hours later (which sort of explains this review ;) ). 

Did I enjoy it? Yes. 

Would I recommend? Definitely. I recommend to all my cape, shield, arrow and hammer loving friends. 

What do you need to know before watching the movie? While you don't need to have seen all the Marvel movies before seeing Age of Ultron, I would still recommend seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier and perhaps Iron Man 1 at least. (You definitely need to have seen Avengers #1). 

About 4DX: 

According to friends who had watched Fast and Furious 7 in 4DX, you don't get nearly as much 4DX effects in Age of Ultron. But I found it quite satisfying. Moving chairs. Sprays of water. Wind. Lightning. Feeling punches at the back of your seat. You end up with a sense of being "in" the movie. Stronger at certain moments than others. But definitely worth it. Someone told me you might as well be on a roller-coaster ;) 
(Wear a small jacket as all the "wind" effect makes it a little cold. Also, your neck might hurt a little bit after the movie from the sudden movements of your chair). 

And for 3D...I'm not a huge fan of 3D overall. If you're watching the movie in 4DX, adding 3D to it might be a bit much. But this all comes down to preferences. 

Have you seen it? What's your take? 


  1. Lucky! It's not out until May 1 here. :P :)

  2. It's still fun. However, by now, I am starting to feel a little winded with all of these superhero flicks. Especially now that they seem to be a lot like the others that come before them. Nice review Titi.