Sunday, October 26, 2014

20 Random Things About Me (with a couple pictures)

Hey lovely people!

Photo: Life is too short NOT to be yourself. #BeYou

Photo Cred: @datfunkyfro for @couronneroyalephotography

These '20 random things about me' posts have been going around the blogosphere and I just thought, "why not?". 
Not that I believe I have anything super awesome to share but I thought it would be a great way to get to know each other better! Tell me if we have anything in common or leave a comment with a couple random things about yourself. I'd love to know!

1) Jesus is my everything!!!!

2) I love to travel

There are way too many places on my bucket-list!

3) I don't drink coffee
Nuhhhhh.Tea all the way!

4) I love people


5) I love hats
Specifically, wide-rimmed hats. Can you tell?

6) Sometimes I have gummy bears and chocolate for breakfast (and today was such a day). 

I believe I eat more candy than anyone I know. Don't worry, I actually eat healthy...most of the time.

7) I'm pretty shy
No one seems to ever believe me, but trust me, I am shy and an introvert!

8) I give hugs - a lot

If I haven't squeezed you in a nice warm hug or put my arms around you then I'm still being shy around you or I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable. I'm an absolute hug and PDA person.

9) I love kids 
Hopefully, I'll have a ton of them. And hopefully, I'll work with preteens and teens in the future either professionally or in ministry. I'm blessed with absolutely gorgeous nieces I adore. 

10) I love to sing
Specifically, I love to sing for God, thus being in the church's music team. 

11) I love reading
Give me a good book (preferably fiction), a warm blanket, some cocoa, pull down the blinds and I'm in reading heaven. Take me to a bookshop and I'm like a kid in a candy store. 

12)  I take and edit pictures
There's something about capturing a moment on camera. I gets me so excited. Especially, pictures taken on travels! Generally, I'll use my Nikon but the iPhone comes in pretty handy as well. 

13) I am pretty awkward...
No commentary needed here.

14) I'm a huge romantic

Who doesn't love or dream up a good love story?

15) I prefer watching animated movies (Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar...etc) or cartoons to watching actual actors on screen. 

Except the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (and a couple others). I could watch LOTR over and over non stop. 

16) My big sister is my best friend
What can I say? The girl's a STAR!

17) Watching the sunrise is a favorite

18) I love superheroes

I'm a geek like that.You could hear me having a serious conversation about which DC Comics or Marvel superheroes are the best. 

19) I'm a writer!

I write novels I plan to publish in the future. I also write poems. (Also, I'll be publishing a chapter a week of a novel I started working on, called "Autumn's Secrets". Check out the button on the side bar).

But being a writer means I do a couple weird things as well, like: 

19bis) I am constantly coming up with stories or backstories and dialogue in my head.

19ter) I study people - the way they relate to one another, what they do when they are nervous or excited...etc. 

19quarter) I love and have an obsession with words.

20) I dance

Yup! Big Sis is a choreographer (mainly hip-hop) so I assist with her choreographies. Choreography, I can handle. Just don't ask me to freestyle.

Well, that's a bit about the girl behind the blog!
Now, it's your turn! 


  1. Really fun and interesting facts about you! I don't drink coffee either....I'm a tea girl just like you. I LOVE the last picture.

    1. Thank you!
      Tea all the more! None of that caffeine stuff for me.
      Thank you! Love that picture too :) Something about a sunrise.

  2. Aaaaw Titi, i miss you! :-*

  3. I loved your typical clothes! I'd never seen you using them. Well, I think I am pretty shy too and I love travelling as you already know haha

    1. Yesss!!! You are one of my travel inspirations!
      I'll post some more pictures of me in my traditional attire sometime in the future.
      Love ya Sista!

  4. Truly amazing. Got to know more about and pretty thrilled to note how much we have in common.
    I passionately love God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. After the Trinity, I love the three great men in my life--my hubby and two sons.
    I love to travel
    I love my tea. No coffee. Thanks.
    I love to inspire and encourage people.
    I love to sing
    I love photography: waiting for my Nikon!
    I am ROMANTIC.
    I love sunsets-- the russet gold flames mesmerizes me.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Aunty!
      Wow! We do have a lot in common! Love that!

      When do you get your Nikon? I didn't know you were into photography.
      Its always nice to meet another romantic.
      And yes Ma!!! The Sunrise! I couldn't have described it better.

      I can't wait to one day read one of your published novels!