Monday, May 19, 2014

FEATURED: Waiting by the Well

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I featured on Faith by Promises a couple weeks ago. I was able to share something God had been teaching me. And I'm pleased to share it with you all as well!


~ It was a very hot day. Pretty much like any other. The dusty sand-filled streets were practically empty. Yet here she was, under the sun, a bucket in one hand. She must be out of her mind, she thought. Fetching water at noon? Under this scorching sun? She sighed, wiping the sweat off her brow. She would rather be out in the heat at this time than wait till sundown when the other women came out to fetch water from the well as well. She couldn’t stand their gossip. The way they looked at her, judging. The things they said to her. No, she couldn’t take any more of that. The burning sun was nothing compared to the things the other women said about her. She shut her eyes as if wishing away the words that had haunted her for years now, the loneliness, the wrong choices she had made. She opened her eyes to see a man sitting beside the well. She could tell he was a Jew. She stiffened and hesitated. Sucking in some air, she approached the well, staring curiously at the stranger…readying herself to be ignored and shunned. ~

There’s this thing called grace that I will probably never understand. And then there’s mercy. We hear about grace all the time. And we are told countless times how God is merciful. I recently attended a spring retreat where I learnt that grace was receivingsomething nice you didn’t deserve. And mercy was not receiving something nastythat you did deserve. I love the distinction. But very often no matter how many times I am told about grace or mercy, I have a hard time getting my head around either. I think, if I don’t read my bible, pray, volunteer to help the needy, serve in church, and have some quiet time with God – amongst other things - then I am not good enough. It’s crazy right? But you know you’ve been there. I used to lead praise and worship in church and there were certain Sundays where I felt “unworthy” to do so because I hadn’t spent enough time with God during the week. Now, doesn’t that fall into the mindset of working to “earn” something? 

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  1. Totally amazing article!
    Mind blowing and liberating.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    God bless you