Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Men Do Wait...Part II

Dearest Sis in Christ,

Remember that conversation we had the other day over a hot cup of cocoa?

And if you're sharing this heart-to-heart with someone else, you can fill them in and read Part I of our discussion HERE.

Well, dear Sister (or even brother, if you somehow stumbled on here), I wrote the other day that some men do wait. And they do. So dear Sis/Bro (or shall we just go with 'Friend?' I think, yes), you are not alone in this wait. I promise.

And as I thought about our discussion I came across this video. By three waiting men. Who play in a band with Colton Dixon. (Click HERE to watch it on YouTube). 

Do you believe me now, dear Friend, that you are not alone in this?

And you know what? In this one-on-one I'll let you know that I was greatly encouraged by the great video. What? Just because I wrote that post the other day does not mean I don't need a little encouragement once in a while. We all do.

So you know what I've learned, Friend?

God's Word is the biggest encourager out there. Hands down! That's why I'm a sucker for anything based on God's Word.

And I came across this verse today:

How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. Psalm 119:9

So Friend, if you were wondering whether you could do it, whether you could wait in a society which promotes the exact opposite, well, your answer's right there. In Psalm 119:9.

I'm aiming to stick to God's word every single day. Will you join me?

My big Sister and I do this thing where we send each other a verse a day. So I send her a verse that particularly spoke to me and she sends me one too. It's been an amazing encouragement to me.
So, Friend, if you would love to receive a verse from me a day, write to me at: And you can share a verse with me too if you like.
You can also write to me if you have any questions whatsoever about anything. I'll do my best to answer.

Or if you just wanna say hello to this sister right here, feel free to! I love hearing from you!
You are loved, blessed and simply awesome.
Titi Funto


  1. New on your blog..loving this post.

    PS..while we still have the priveleged of saying hi, HELLOOOOO FUNTO :-)

  2. Hello Dear!

    I love this post. Some men do wait! I pray that you continue to be encouraged, just as you encourage us. I will love to get a verse from you a day! Why not? We all need the encouragement. I will send you a message with my private email address. Looking forward to hearing from you. Stay Blessed.

  3. Lovely post and very interesting that there are still men out there that would wait and keep a relationship pure . I am blessed by this and thank you for sharing.