Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Writing prompt. Short story in honor of Saint Val's Day!

Hey guys!
Tessa Emily from Christ is Write throws a writing challenge every Monday and I thought it'd be fun to participate and write something sweet in honor of Saint Val's day.
So go over to her blog and check out the other entries.
I'm writing a passage from the POV of one of the characters in this picture:
Cody's care-free laughter pierced the summer air and I couldn't stop the ear-to-ear smile that spread across my face. The way my heart leaped, my breath caught. Grace met my eyes with a stern look and I knew what she was thinking, "today. Do it today". My heart raced. My head suddenly felt light.

"You okay, Megan?" Ryan, who sat across from me on the grass, asked.

I swallowed and nodded. My mouth suddenly too dry to even attempt speaking.
This was supposed to be the best summer of my life. Spending time with my 3 best friends before we headed off to college. But according to Grace, it was about time I got this burden off my chest. About time I told Cody. I couldn't concentrate on the discussion. I couldn't enjoy sitting at our favorite spot. I couldn't even appreciate the beautiful weather.

Ryan announced he had to head home and Grace jumped to her feet. "I should get going too" she turned to me, brushing the grass off her pants, "I'll talk to you tonight Megan". Her tone was soft, loving but her eyes betrayed her. They held her no-nonsense look. 

I couldn't blame her. How many times had I told her I would do this and backed out? For years. I'd become a broken record. Today would be different, it had to be. I couldn't go to bed in tears, consumed by regret. Not any more.

"Guess it's just you and me" Cody smiled, his bright brown eyes putting the sun to shame.
I swallowed, wishing my heart would stop assaulting my ribs.
Cody's smile slowly faded, "Megan, what's up? You've been weird all day. Okay, weirder" despite his joke, his face was marked with worry.
I fixed my gaze on my bike, abandoned on the grass. I felt like I was running out of air. My breathing accelerated. I shut my eyes to concentrate.
"Your inhaler..." I heard the panic in his voice.
"Cody, there's something I have to tell you" I opened my eyes. Cody sat closer to me, looking more concerned than I'd ever seen him. I couldn't believe I was about to throw away 10 years of friendship.
He waited for me to continue but with each passing second his expression distorted with worry.

"The masked ball in our freshman year. It was me. The girl you spent the whole evening with. The girl you..." I took a deep breath, "the girl you fell for" tears stung at my eyes. I stared at the grass, tormented by the incredibly long silence that followed.
"Megan..." Cody's voice was surprisingly soft. "Megan, look at me please"
I wiped the tears off my cheeks. Years' worth of concealed emotion ripped through my heart. "You wouldn't stop talking about her. I should have told you. Cody, I'm so sorry. If you never want to talk to me again..."

Cody gently lifted my chin and caught my gaze, refusing to let me look away. "Megan, I know. I've always known. I'm the coward. I should've told you how I felt long before the ball". A small smile took possession of his lips, "your fake name couldn't fool me. I know you better than that.".
I heard his words but my brain refused to register them. I'd had too many dreams like this. Only to wake up to realize it was just that - a dream.

"Megan, I have never been more serious about anything. I care about you more than my words could express. I pray for you more than I pray for myself, it's ridiculous. And I was ready to wait for as long as it would take for you to tell me" he reached for my hand and snickered, "but seriously, what took you so long?"

A nervous chuckle escaped my lips. Relief invaded my system, and looking into his eyes I couldn't doubt his words.


Hope you enjoyed it and that it at least made you smile :)

Question: Was Cody right to not have told Megan he knew her secret??? How do you know when to tell someone how you feel? How do you go about it? (I'm not asking for myself. Lol. Just think it's a fun Valentine's day discussion).


  1. Looove this!! But NO Cody was wrong! Hes right though, he,s a coward. He should have spoken up instead of letting the poor girl torture herself. Sincerely, its hard to know when to say how you feel especially if the person of interest is a friend. But I dont think there could ever be a good time. We just need to swallow our prise sometimes, stop caring about our reputation and just do it instead of living in the perpetual shackles of regret. Again, amazing piece!! Your talent is indisputable.


  2. Haha!! Thank you sooo much! Yes, its hard to know when to speak up. But I agree with you about just going ahead and doing it, "instead of living in the perpetual shackles of regret". Love that ;)