Thursday, February 13, 2014

I normally don't care about St Val's day but this year...

Yup, normally I'm that girl. The girl who gets Mum a gift on Valentine's day (because for her it's just not so much a couple thing but more of a general thing). The girl who only notices the Valentine's day craziness because she stood in line for way too long at the store. The girl who smiles at the different decorations but thinks nothing more of it. The girl who remembers it's Valentine's day on Valentine's day. The girl who never understood why the single girl might have what some people call the "Valentine's day blues". The girl who never got what was so bad about being "dateless" on Valentine's day. Yup, that's me. Or rather, that was me. Until this year.
Let's just say I started thinking about the V day like 3 days ago. Which is a record for me. And let's just say I started to wonder...for the first time in my life (and get this, I'm 22!!) what it would be like to not be dateless on St. Val's day. And the more I thought about it, the more I started to want more than my usual just-like-any-other-day Valentine's day.
First of all, why was I even thinking about it this year? I'm not sure, but I have several theories. Firstly, I'm away from home (for more on this, check out my instagram: titi_funto. I will be sharing my experience on here too).
Secondly, I saw a really sweet (christian) movie that stuck to me last month.
Thirdly, I've read 5 and the half Christian romance novels in the past month. (This is a pretty weak theorie as I read and write books with a hint of romance a lot. So, not a first time thing).
Anyhow, my point is this year I was thinking: God, I want more!!!!
And to be honest, I started to daydream about more.
But you know what? I felt God nudg me. He asked me a very important question:
The question hit me like a brick wall.
You see, when I was dreaming up different scenarios of a lovely romance, when I was telling God I suddenly wanted more, what I was really telling Him was, you're not enough so I want more.
Dear reader, His question humbled me and sent me right back on focus. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with romance or falling in love. BUT my God reminded me that if you are not at a place where you know in your knowing that God is all you need and that He is enough for you, everything else is potentially a dangerous distraction.
My sister and I exchange verses with each other everyday and I wrote to her what God had revealed to me. I wrote in a text message:
"My verse is 1 Tim 6:6 ==> Godliness with contentment is great gain.
A reminder that God is absolutely and completely enough. I don't need anything else and I'm not missing out on anything. He's my everything. Anything else is simply a bonus, a blessing from Him. But when it comes to what I truly need, it comes down to one word: HIM". (*emphasis added for this post).
So dear reader, whether "single" or not, I'm good with it. Sometimes, we get carried away and lose focus. I admit, I was losing focus. But I hold on to 1 Tim 6:6 tightly. In whatever category you find yourself - whether single, dating Mr.Right, or married - have a "God is enough and every other thing is a bonus" mindset. Why? Because otherwise we might just put those things before He who is able to give all things.
Enough said.
Happy St. Val's Day y'all!!
If you decide to do nothing else, have a little date with your First Love. Be creative and send your girlfriends a lovely message. They'll appreciate it. As my Sis would say, make sure you "Rock your day".
How do you deal with wanting more on St. Val's day?


  1. I like that, everything else is a bonus. Thanks for the reminder Funto

  2. Wow. Never really thought about it that way. Thank you for sharing. May God bless you and because you seek Him and righteousness first, God will blow your mind with amazing bonuses.


    1. Thanks so much Sis! Amen! Looking forward to those bonuses ;)

  3. It's really cute that you and your sister share verses with each other everyday.
    Interesting insight, a good way to think about things.

    1. Yes, the verses were an amazing encouragement. Thanks for stopping by Tuke! God bless!