Monday, September 23, 2013

Review - Purple Moon by teen author Tessa Emily Hall

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I've been away from the blogosphere for a little bit with so much going on. Such as: going away on vacation (Majorca, Spain), starting my Master's program, my birthday and new responsibilities and schedule. BUT I'll get to all of that later.

Today, I'm happy to be reviewing young author Tessa Emily Hall's debut YA novel, Purple Moon which releases September 24th.
Make sure to head on over to Tessa's blog (Christ is Write) and check out the blog tour stops as well as the cool prizes. She's also having a virtual launch party on the 24th so RSVP on r blog!

Back cover summary
Selena's life isn't turning out to be the fairy tale she imagined as a kid. 
That hope seemed to vanish long ago when her dad kicked her and her mom out of the house. This summer might finally hold the chance of a new beginning for Selena ... but having to live with her snobby cousin in Lake Lure, NC while waiting for her mom to get out of rehab wasn't how Selena was planning on spending her summer. She soon begins to wonder why she committed to give up her "bad habits" for this.

Things don't seem too bad, though. Especially when Selena gains the attention of the cute neighbor next door. But when her best friend back home in Brooklyn desperately needs her, a secret that's been hidden from Selena for years is revealed, and when she becomes a target for one of her cousin's nasty pranks, she finds herself having to face the scars from her past and the memories that come along with them. Will she follow her mom's example in running away, or trust that God still has a fairy tale life written just for her?
Why I would pick this book up again
I liked how the main character, Selena, felt absolutely real. Imperfect, yet searching for perfection - the perfect fairy tale kind of life - she is easy to identify with: someone trying to do the right thing yet fails constantly.
Austin is an easy character to like. His love for God, patience and caring nature (oh and of course his love for photography!) makes him quite the guy. I especially liked the way he never really passed judgement despite the circumstances. Also, I liked how he isn't the absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous jock. 
 I enjoyed reading how Selena grows spiritually and how God changes her from the inside out. I was encouraged by Austin's role in all of it. Tessa Emily Hall does a great job of writing spiritual truths without making it heavy or "preachy".  
Favorite phrase/passage from the book:
Here's a few:
"The moon is your reminder that God is never-changing and you can always depend on Him to hear your prayers"
"It's mind-blowing, really, knowing that all of this beauty was actually hand-crafted. Not handcrafted by some false god who doesn't care, but by my Father"
"...I definitely inherited my creativity from my Heavenly Daddy".
What I didn't like
Selena doesn't seem to like her Aunt much even after the latter goes out of her way to help her.
Why I recommend this book
I would recommend this book to anyone. True, it's YA (and perfect for teen girls) but it's fit for anybody. It deals with several themes but the one that struck me the most was that of grace. No matter how hard we try to be the perfect us we long to be, we'll always fail. We need to acknowledge God's grace, His healing power and His unfathomable love for us. And no matter how much we've failed, God's ready to grant us a new beginning.
Blessings, and much love, Funto


  1. Great review, Funto. I'm ashamed to say I've not had a chance to read this one yet. I fell WAY behind on my reading and haven't been able to pick it up. Hope to do that yet this fall.

    Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. Thank you so much Rissi. You're sweet. It's really a nice read! Hope you get a chance to pick it up. I've also majorly fallen behind on my reading shedule, lol.

  2. you are so darling! i need to read this!

    1. Thank you for the commen Abigail! I'm ure you'll enjoy the book. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Have a successful school year in your Master's program! I also hope to hear about your Spain trip soon. God bless ya!

    1. Maleeka!!!!! Thank you so much!! It's great to hear from you. I really appreciate it. I've been out of the blogosphere for a little while (so much to do) but I hope to post more on a regularly basis now, by God's grace. So you will moste definitely be hearing about my trip and much more. Lots of love Sis!