Monday, August 26, 2013

Overshadow me

For the past couple of days I've felt slightly heavy. Overwhelmed sometimes. Too much going through my mind. Too much to sort through. Too much growing up to do. Too many decisions to make...too fast.
And it's times like that that I desperately need some good quality quiet time with my Maker. The time I need to listen to something that will pull me away from this cobweb of thoughts and to a place of worship where my Jesus is at the very center. Not me. Not my preoccupations. Not my questions. Just Him.
Here are some of the songs that's helped:
Overshadow me/Christ in me

You Are My Shepherd

You Are Still Holy

Holy Spirit Move Me Now

Just to name a few.

What songs do you listen to when you need to set down the load and focus on your First Love?

Stay blessed. Stay hopeful. Keep dreaming. Keep smiling. Most importantly, keep the faith.

Blessings, Funto.


  1. Man your blog posts always come at the right time. I feel the same exact way

  2. Glory be to God Oghosa! I appreciate your comments.

  3. Life IS sometimes overwhelming. Too bad we cannot learn to lean on Him when this happens. Guess that's further proof that we fill our minds will unimportant things instead of the important.

    Music is general is the best way I feel inspired or moved so there are too many to name! :)

    1. So true Rissi!
      I know, they're so many great encouraging songs out there!