Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Law School Testimony 1): Done done done with my Bachelor in Laws....oh, did I mention I was DONE???

It's a Thankful Thursday.
Goodness gracious.
I'm actually writing this post! Actually doing it. The post I've dreamt of writing since...well, since I dreamt it.
So, what to say? Where do I start?????
OK, um...How about..."I'm done!!!!!"?
No, that's starting the post from the end. Backing up to the beginning now...
*Clears throat and stretches fingers*
It all started when at a young age I saw on television what lawyers did. And...(let's cut a long story short) I thought, 'that's pretty cool. I wanna do that'. It was a dream I held on to and refused to let go. Even classes I took in high school was in light of that decision.
I remember one particular teacher who - feeling she was doing me a favor - listed the amount of years of study, requirements, the selective process at uni, the low pay interns receive and every negative thing possible and at the end of her long speech so to speak, she asked, "do you still want to be a lawyer?". Without batting an eyelash, I answered "yes". And the whole class marveled.
Years later as I made my application to uni, I heard of the rigorous selection process. The problem wasn't getting in. It was STAYING in. I heard from bright people who had gone ahead of me of how much work it required just to stay in. I went to an introduction seminar for people who were considering taking law and the counselor said 70% of the students failed their first year. Some of which were not even given the chance to redo the year. The horrible stories of failure was abundant.
I remember my first day. I didn't know anyone. None of my friends had chosen to study law. I was too excited to even care about being alone. Too excited to be afraid. Too excited to remain alone and had made a friend before the end of the first class.
Did I have to work hard that year? YES! With no exaggerations. Even so, without my God to lead me, my own efforts would have come to nothing.
On my birthday. The day I turned 20. That's when the list of those who had passed came out. I made up my mind that I would praise God whatever happened. Before I walked out the door with my sister to go get a glimpse of the list, my phone rang but I didn't bother picking it up. Then just as my family and I finished praying, I got a text from my friend:
I'd made it on the list. I was one of the 150 people that made it on the list out of the 600. Thinking about it now, that proportion is crazy. But that's how it works over here. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO GOD.
Two years later. Years filled with some hardcore studying where I had days like these in the library (from 8am to 10pm...oh the horror! Lol!).  Years where I freaked out before exams because I was scared I didn't have a clue. Years where I took terrible guilt trips when I wasn't reading during vacations (one thing I learned: you never really get vacations in law school). Years where I stayed up late and drafted reports. Years where buying several copies of the same legal code became a lifestyle. Years where I PRAYED and PRAYED and PRAYED and PRAYED and PRAYED oh and PRAYED some more and let's not forget my parents and my sister who covered me with their prayers too. And then I THANK(ED) GOD because I could never figure out how in the world I passed my exams.
And now here I am. Having completed my last exams this August. Done with my undergraduate degree. About to start my Masters in Law this September. On the day of my birthday. A special day for several reasons.
My awesome God has brought me this far. How can I not thank Him? I don't take this for granted. No. Not when I know of friends whose dream to study law were crushed when they didn't make it. Or friends in other faculties who studied hard for 3 years and because of a failed class could not receive their degree. Nope. Not taking it for granted at all.
I'm a little...apprehensive.
I'm ready.
And I know my God who's brought me this far will take me through the rest.
In case, you're wondering why the title of this post has a 1) in it, it's because this is just the beginning of my law school testimonies. The best is yet to come!
I'm faithfully waiting for graduation in November when it'll be official.
But I won't stop thanking and praising God for realizing this dream of mine. And I won't stop thanking and praising Him for the great things that are yet to come. I trust that above all, His WILL will be done!
I am simply overflowing with joy :)
What are you thankful for this thursday? What dreams are you trusting God to help you realize? Do share!
Blessings, Funto


  1. Congratulations!!!! That's awesome!! Proverbs 16:3!!

    1. Thanks so much Oghosa! God bless you abundantly

  2. Awesome testimony. Congratulations! I pray for many more fruitful years ahead!! :)

    1. Amen! Thanks so much Sis. I appreciate it! God bless you abundantly!

  3. Well done.I know the feeling of finishing a law degree.Its rewarding

    1. Thanks so much Matilda! You're sweet! God bless you abundantly!