Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dangerously In Love


Women. I once heard that we were hard to please. We love to constantly be reminded that we are loved. We love feeling special. Being treated special. We crave attention. But not just any type of attention. We crave a man's attention.
It's a sad reality that's expressed this way in Scripture (Genesis 3:16b):

"You will greatly desire your husband but he will rule over you" NCV
"Yet your desire and craving will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." AMP.
Dannah Gresh, author of the book "Get Lost" (which I've just started reading and which is pretty good so far) calls this longing for attention a violent craving.

Okay, so that's all good and dandy. As far as I know, since Eve, women have managed to survive on this side of heaven even with that longing for attention. So where's the problem?

The problem is when we let that longing get in the way of our reasoning. Put this way, the problem is when we get it all mixed up. Guys (or rather, "the guy") on one side and then there's God on the other and we're not really sure which one is supposed to be at the top of the pyramid. Or we do know, but we live a different reality. We get the Creator and the created mixed up.

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. - Matthew 22:37 KJV.

If it is apparent in your everyday decisions that you're putting "the guy" first, then you have failed to meet the first and greatest commandment.

There's a place in your heart that's for God and God alone. There's a hole that only God can fill. Not the random guy next door. Not your boyfriend. Not your fiancee. Not your husband.

Even the most godly of men cannot and should not take God's place in your life. The logical order of things (God above all) has to be respected. One of the characters in Francine Rivers' book "And the Shofar Blew", said it in this simple phrase "God is my first husband".

When the logical order of things is out of balance, we ourselves end up being out of balance. Looking for something but never being satisfied. We start making all the wrong decisions. We start seeking answers in places they're not. And it's a dangerous place to be. 

How dangerous it is to entrust in the hands of the created what is meant for the Creator.
How dangerous it is to let go of the Creator while clinging on to the created who himself is at the mercy of the Creator. How dangerous it is to make an idol out of the created.

If our relationship with God suffers, every other relationship will be built on sinking sand. Because we've taken our Firm Foundation out of the mix.

Women. We crave for a man's attention. But understand that there's One whose love is incomparable to any other. He went all the way to the cross for you. If He did all that, I'm pretty sure you got His attention. And you have His attention. Every day, any day.

Finally, remember your identity in Christ is NOT dependant on who took you out on a date, whether or not you're wearing a ring, neither is it dependant on whose ring you're wearing. A wise sister came out with that reminder today out of the blue as we conversed. It's easy to forget. Your worth is in Christ and Him alone. And you're beautiful in His eyes. That, my sisters, is an awesome truth

Now, won't you first give Jesus your all? I assure you, everything else will follow.

I'll leave you with this video by Jackie Hill:

Wishing you a great week ahead!
Blessings, Funto.