Monday, May 6, 2013

Go on, do/say something different, maybe crazy and MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY.

Hey beauties!
I have been busy busy busy. And in the midst of the busy and crazy God is teaching me so much. Helping me see so much. And I am excited.
We aren't who we were yesterday, and that's reason to rejoice! Trust me, when your heart longs for Him, you grow in Christ everyday! Even when it doesn't "feel" or "seem" like it.
Since things have been quite busy, my blogposts will be quite SHORT.
Today, my big Sis Funbi of DatFunkyFro joined me at the library. And we studied at the same table. I had to go tutor at one point. I knew by the time I got back that she would be off to work. Anyway, I left a few printouts on the table and left. When I got back, I saw this on my printouts:
Tell me, did this make my day or what?
I have the most awesome, adorable, lovely, sweetest (and the list goes on) Big Sister ever! Like for real! I'm so thankful to God for her life and for putting her in mine! :)
And thanks for taking the time to be out-of-the-usual sweet.
Now, over to you! Yes, you! Sitting behind your computer and reading this. Will you make someone's day? Today, tomorrow, the day after or next week? Just make a conscious decision to make someone's day! Do something out of the ordinary. Or say something (while not flattering) that you know will bless them. Show Jesus!
(Read THIS POST to see how someone else made my day some time ago by two words they spoke!)
Join the challenge. Be a blessing!
Much love,

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