Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Now Playing: Psalm 23

I've had Psalm 23 memorized for as long as I can remember. It is probably one of the very first scriptural passages they made us memorize in Sunday School back then. I must've been what? Five?
It's an easy passage to memorize and sometimes, that could just be the problem. It becomes déjà vu. When I open up my Bible to Psalm 23, am I reading? Letting the words sink in? Or do I quickly scan the page as my memorized verse plays in my head.
How to avoid this? Read it in a different translation from your normal one. And truly take the time to meditate on the words. A new revelation might just jump at you.
Here are two songs based on Psalm 23 that I love.
They both have a way of calming me when I'm stressed about one thing or the other. They remind me of how powerful and comforting the all too familiar chapter is.
Feel free to leave the songs on repeat ;)
You Are My Shepherd by Tricia Brock
Psalm 23 by Holly Starr


  1. love this. I pray this Psalm over someone the other day and my how God moves in your spirit as you pray His word over another. God bless you sis! Have a good weekend!

  2. Yes! What a powerful verse to pray over ourselves and others! Thanks so much Maleeka!