Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book Review: FREE ON AMAZON, "Me, Just Different"

Today, I'm reviewing "Me, Just Different", the first book in The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series.

Back cover summary

Getting a fresh start is harder than it looks.

Skylar Hoyt is a girl who seems to have it all--she's pretty, popular, and has a great-looking boyfriend. Her senior year should be the best one yet. But a horrible experience at a summer party has changed everything. Now she's vowing to make better choices, including going back to church. But as Skylar tries to gain new perspective on life, the world as she knows it begins to fall apart.

Her parents are constantly fighting. Her younger sister has a big secret that Skylar is forced to keep. The guy she's dating is annoyingly jealous. And the new guy down the street is just plain annoying. In the midst of the chaos, Skylar starts to wonder who her real friends are and, even more importantly, who she is.

Why I would pick this book up again

 I really wasn't sure if I would like this book since it really evolved around high school but from the first couple of pages it grabbed my attention. I liked the way Stephanie Morrill made the story "real".  It 's a book that covers a lot of issues and actually brought me pretty close to tears. It's a light/serious read.

The characters at first sight come off as clichés but that's actually the point (the title is a hint, but you'll get what I mean when you read the book). A lot of them reminded me of characters you would find in an American high school series BUT when I think back to even my middle school experience and what some current high schoolers have told me, I know the characters are actually quite REAL, as in, they are people you're likely to find in any environment.  
I liked Connor at first. But he got on my nerves later on. My favorite character, although we don't see a lot of him, would have to be Chris, Connor's younger brother.
Skylar was a pretty strong character who had A LOT to deal with at once. I thought she handled all of it quite well.
I believe this book is perfect even for unbelievers because Stephanie Morrill addresses the issue of God and religion in a very subtle light way. Thus, I think it would be great for both Christians and non Christians. 
Favorite phrase/passage from the book:
I really liked the passage where "someone" (not to spoil the book for you) said " look so incredibly beautiful I can hardly function around you"

Favorite verse:
A specific verse wasn't mentioned in the book. Although there were quite a few on-point inspirational phrases.

What I didn't like
I didn't like how Skylar's younger sister blamed Skylar for something that wasn't her fault and how she seemed to get away with it.

Why I recommend this book

I would definitely recommend this book (and have done so) especially to young girls and even guys. It's perfect for both the religious and the non religious and I think it's a great way to reach young minds who are easily caught up in a crowd.  
So, go over to amazon and pick up your free kindle copy. Or recommend it to someone!

Have you read this book? If so, what did you like/not like? If not, would you?

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