Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Hip-Hop Dance Presentation

HeavenO beauties!

A gospel group of KIDS singing at the concert. They did an amazing job!

Last Saturday (2nd of March) was a busy day for me! I participated in a big inter-church concert event by presenting a hip-hop dance presentation with my big Sis, Funbi (dance choreographer) and 4 other people from different churches. We were all brought together for the purpose of the dance and the event.

The event was amazing! God really moved. There were different presentations (like plays, songs...etc). And guess what? Our dance went really well! I am so thankful to God and give Him all the glory. Of course the devil tried. In the middle of our presentation, the CD suddenly scratched and stopped. We were encouraged by a loud round of applause. The CD started over and we started our dance from the very beginning finishing it to the end this time. All glory be to God.

Like I said, the devil tried. During the dance I sprained my ankle but in the heat of the moment, I just kept dancing. After the dance presentation, I didn't immediately feel the pain until a little later. I was dragging my right foot for the rest of the evening and was in a lot of pain that night. The whole day Sunday, I couldn't even dream of putting my foot down so I was in bed nearly all day. I managed to get myself to the doctor's by Monday thought and thank God for my recovery.

I am also grateful for an email I got last week. It was a positive reply I'd been waiting for! You probably will most definitely hear about it at the right time! :) I love me some good news!

My healing sprained ankle.

I might upload a video of one of our dance practises on here. Right now blogger won't let me do it!
What are you thankful to God for?


  1. Awww... sorry about that! But you 'sound'like you are in good spirits, I hope it heals quicker than you expect!!