Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (family and sisterly love)

Dedicated to my best friend / big Sister, Funbi. Also, to every family member and friend who has been patient enough to put up with my sweet nonsense ;) I love you all very dearly, with ALL my heart.
Source: Tumblr
A family friend told my sister, Funbi and I that it was great to see two sisters get along so well and asked what the secret of our friendship was.
I answered, “Patience.”
Funbi answered, “God.”
Truth is, it takes both!
Source: Tumblr
First, before you conclude that we get along so well because we’re both sweet and nice and anything else, there are a couple things you have to understand: Funbi’s a year older than me. I’ve shared a room with her for the whole of my twenty-one years of my existence.
I love and adore my sister. In fact, she’s my bestest friend – ever. But c’mon, sharing a room with someone for 21 years?
It gets to a point where you want to pull each other’s hair out no matter how sweet or nice either of you are. Trust me.
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