Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Really Sweet Proposal - Christian Couple

On the countdown to saint Val's day, I thought I'd post a little sweetness on here.
This is a video I came across on tumblr and it just made my heart melt and got me thinking also. This is the second Christian proposal I'm sharing on the blog. (Watch the first one here. It's also really really sweet!) It really warms my heart to see two people who love God deeply come together.  
Won't you watch the video and smile with me? It's also alright if you shed a few tears of joy ;)
Click on the link HERE.
What do you think? A lot of things in this video stood out to me.
One of which is the guy's phrase. When he tells her "your heart and soul reflects God [...] The most beautiful thing about you is your relationship with Christ"
I just thought that was the most beautiful thing anyone could say about someone else. I know I would love it and praise God if I ever got to a level where someone would say that about me.
I want to encourage you if you are single (man or woman) to be faithful and SEEK Christ. Continue to put Him above all. Serve Him with all your heart. Let Matthew 6:33 be your reality. And believe me, God will work on your behalf in every way possible. Also, don't settle for anything or even anyone less than God's best for you!
And if you're in  a relationship, remember to put God in the center of that relationship. Let God be the solid rock on which it's built. And let your relationship HONOR GOD in every aspect.
I rejoice with the lovely couple in this video and it makes my heart swell to see how my awesome God brings two people so in love together.
Rest assured, He's writing your very own beautiful [love] story and it will be the most beautiful one you could ever have imagined! But be patient, all in good time.  
Feel free to share your thoughts on the video!


  1. So sweet my teeth hurt. Beautiful especially his words. They're such a handsome couple. Thanks sis. Our stories may not look just like this but it will be beautiful. It will be lovely! :)

    1. Lol Maleeka! Yup, God's got a beautiful lovely story for each of us!

  2. Definitely, I love seeing two people who see marriage as what God sees it and deeply understand love the way God made it come together. Love inspired and given by God is forever!