Monday, October 1, 2012

TESTIMONY - What could've happened

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone" Psalm 91: 6-7
I could've been badly injured today. I could've ended up in hospital in I don't know what state. And that's me puting it lightly. 
Wow, the words look so wierd on my computer screen. Black letters on a white screen. They look so unreal. But then again, so does a moment in time a few hours ago. But then again, so does the fact that I'm lying on my bed, typing this...alive and well.
I smile at God's faithfulness. Yet my heart aches, unable to understand such an awesome love.
What am I talking about? Go back a couple hours today with me. Will you?
I'm a dreamer...thus, I dream. And as I sat in the tram a couple hours ago I was dreaming up on one of my Christian fiction novel ideas, developping the characters and certain scenarios in my head. One of the characters comes face to face with the possibility of death so I started to ask myself what that must be like and how the character's emotions were going to be portrayed. This got me to thinking about how short life can be.
As the tram made it to my destination, a missing person announcement was made (and we barely get any of those where I live). An eight year old. A little girl. Missing. My heart filled with compassion for her and her family. An eight year old! Her parents must be worried sick! I pondered on the sadness of their plight as I exited the tram. I walked slowly as I usually do while in my muse.
A bus had just left it's stop so I waited in front of the zebra crossing as to let it pass. However the driver stopped. He indicated for me to cross. I nodded and raised a hand in thanks. I started to cross taking my time. Home was a minute's walk away. My folks would be home. After a tiring day at uni, I could do with spending some time with them. Home was a minute's walk away. I've been crossing at that zebra crossing for years and never has the thought of stepping foot on it but not making it home crossed my mind. Home was a minute's walk away. I started to cross taking my time. Then I heard the urgent cry of a motocycle's engines. I couldn't see a thing. The bus practically took up the whole street. By the time I saw it and by the time he -the motorcyclist - saw me, it would've been too late had God not been in control.

He came out of nowhere, speeding like there was no tomorrow. He hadn't seen me because the bus had naturally blocked his view, just like it'd done mine. He'd used the advantage of being a motocycle to try and get past the bus when he should've stopped behind it.
Friends, the motocyclist missed me by miliseconds. If by the time he came zooming forward I'd taken one more tiny step, only God knows what would've happened. He passed right in front of me..inches away, his mirror nearly grazing me.
I stood there in shock- my mouth hanging open, unable to believe what just happened. I finally gathered myself up and turned to the bus driver who shrugged apologetically and gave me a "some people are crazy like that" look.
Somehow, I got my legs to keep walking and got off the zebra crossing...still in shock. Different scenarios of what could've happened played over in my head. Until I shook them off and...smiled. Yes, I smiled. I thought out loud "devil, you are so pathetic. You are a defeated foe!" then the praises to my awesome God came. I nearly danced home. Why? Because my Jesus did it again. He saved me. Because what could've happened didn't happen.
As I recounted what happend to my folks, tears nearly mounted to my eyes because it really started to sink in. We thanked God. We praised. We prayed. God is faithful. Afraid of being alone, I hung out with my folks for a while. But alone in the confines of my continued to sink in. What could've happend. What it could've done to those I love most. The unnecessary costs. The unnecessary anger, hurt...etc.
But something else continued to sink in. My God's greatness. My God's unfailing love.
God loves you and He loves me. NO MATTER what the devil might have planned GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY. Nothing can harm you. Jesus LOVES YOU TOO MUCH.
I am alive and well today and I will live to see tomorrow and many more years. The same goes for my loved ones. The devil can't do anything about it. No. And you are alive and well and the devil can't change that. Instead he will try to discourage you in an attempt to make you lose the faith.
My friend, STAND! And stand firm in God!
And to everyone out there who thinks they've got all the time in the world, get right with God today! Get right with God. Our mortal bodies do not live forever and we will not be on earth forever. Get right with God while you have the chance! When I woke up at around 5am this morning, went running, went through classes at uni and started to doze off in the library I would never have thought, imagined or dreamt that anything like that could happen. You think you've got time? Think again!
Today is a testimony! An obvious one! But my dear friend, everyday in your life is a testimony! As long as you are alive, well and breathing you are a threat to the devil! He doesn't want you on this earth because you are a light. You are an example. You are going to lead others to Christ. He tries but he can't win! Honey, everyday is a testimony because God saves us each day. We are not better than the next person, no. But by His grace He keeps us.
Today is a testimony!
Let me share something else with you. In certain situations I think about "what could've happened" a lot. I know I shouldn't. I should instead be thinking about how my God saved me in that circumstance. Take last night, for example. Don't worry, I was perfectly fine and safe and so was mine. But if God hadn't had made sure a certain situation (that I was actually not aware of until later in the night) had turned out right, it would have had consequences that would've affected me. The whole thing brought me down last night. I woke up this morning still thinking about it and quite angry. But I thank God, what could've happened then, did not happen. God saved me again.
I could go on and on. Situations where I dwelled on the "what could've happened". But not this time. I won't let the thought of what could've happened make me fear, make me angry or anxious. Instead, I will let it be my testimony. I will use it as praise unto God's name!
If you're one of those people (and I know I've been guilty) who spend your day like God owes you just because he's keeping you alive...PLEASE learn to be grateful and to thank Him for the little yet basic things like...oh, I don't know...maybe, life? And good health? Or maybe even family? See where I'm going with this? BE GRATEFUL! Live each day like Jesus would have you live it should He be coming back tomorrow.

I'm reminded of this video I saw a while back:
Grateful to be able to write this post, privileged you took the time to read it, honored to be called God's own.
May the Lord keep you and yours!
Much love,

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