Saturday, October 20, 2012

Now Playing: Savior To Me + The River

Good morning peeps!
I'm just about to go get ready for Sunday morning church. It's really early over here but I thought I'd drop by real quick.
I've been meaning on doing so many of these. Y'all know my love for Godly music and I am constantly in search of something new. These two are my latest but I have a lot to share.
So, what's playing at the mo?

Savior To Me by Kerrie Roberts
Can I just say I love the simple music video?

I fell in love with this song. I couldn't but just bask in God's love. It's the first of Kerrie's I've listened to but I just love the words. Seriously, think about them. They make me lift my voice, my hands, my heart in worship. Of all the things He is, He's chosen to be Savior to me...I mean me! Wow. It still blows my mind.
You'll love this song.
Next is....The River by Meredith Andrews
I fell in love with another of Meredith's songs a while back and when I stumbled on that one, I also listened to The River. I liked it then but it didn't speak to me at the time. But during the week, the song kept coming back to my mind, like God tugging at my Spirit so I went back to check it out and oh boy! I got all teary eyed. It spoke to me and speaks to me now. There is so much TRUTH in her words. All we need is in God. Stop looking elsewhere.
Everyone is broken, everyone needs a savior. I now I am and I do
These two songs  have been playing nonstop and have made it on my "Quiet Time" playlist.
Alright, I really gotta go get ready for church now. Gotta meet with Daddy in the midst of other believers. :)
Happy Sunday!
Have a lovely time in church y'all!


  1. Thanks for sharing these two songs. I love 'Saviour to Me', it speaks so much volume to me. My King came to die for powerful. I also love the simplicity of the music video, her voice and the words of this song is enough to minister to hearts

    1. I feel exactly the same way. I have been really blessed by it! Thnx for the comment Funmi :)