Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: A wonderful Daddy

On the 4th of August we celebrated my Daddy's birthday. And what a celebration it was. Daddy never really likes a big deal and he doesn't really like being the center of attention. He's the kind of person that hates to bother others so he pretty much would do everything for everyone. When I'm busy studying, Daddy would say "don't worry about the dishes, I'll do it". Of course we'd ping-pong the dishes issue back and forth until he finally left it for me to do (after he'd practically done everything). Daddy cooks for Mum sometimes and will make his delicious salads for the fam every so often. He does the laundry and irons without complaining. Daddy loves working with his hands which is why I cannot name one thing he cannot fix. He is one of the most hardworking people I know so much that sometimes I just want to make him stop and take a break. When he prays, Daddy mentions pretty much everyone (and everywhere; countries) that needs prayers making me nearly feel ashamed that I hadn't thought to pray for them. The time he spends in God's word astonishes me and I love having those Bible-based-biblical-times discussion with well as politics, the news and a little bit of economy. The way Daddy encourages me and prays for me when it comes to my studies is uplifting and I know any time I sigh at the thought of picking up a book, he understands. He'll rob my shoulders or give me a pat and say "Pele" (which is Yoruba for "sorry" literally) or he'll ask me if I'm Okay with a warm smile. He cares so much that until today he can still tell me to be careful before I step out, it makes me smile in amazement. I might be twenty but that doesn't stop Daddy from telling me "Love you". And I pray he knows just how much I mean it when I answer "I love you too". Whoever said daughter-dad relationships get awkward as you grow older? That hasn't been the case for me. And I am so grateful to God for my Daddy. For having kept Him, alive and well, in good health. I am grateful to God that he gave me this Daddy. He has been and is an important part of my life along with the rest of my immediate family. Family cannot be bought. Family is a gift and I am soooo grateful to God. So so grateful. The words aren't even enough but all I can say is, "God, thank you for my Daddy,  for another year in his life. You have been too faithful. Thank you. Lord, Thank you for Mummy, my big Sis and the rest of my family. Really don't know what I would've done without you putting them in my life and keeping them there. Thank you God!"

Daddy's Birthday cake. It was delicious by the way ;)

Gratitude. One word. Three syllables. One word and three syllables to express what I want my heart to overflow with 86400 seconds a day. Gratitude. I could never be grateful enough for Daddy. I could never be grateful enough for all God's done for me. NEVER. But on this Thursday (the third one in the eighth month of my 20th-soon-to-be-21st year of existance), I am oh so very very grateful. Glory be to my one and only, my God Almighty! And I am excited for the many more birthday celebrations to come ;)

What are you grateful for this Thursday?


  1. Yummy cake. Woman you are blessed. I am grateful to have read this post. It is precious!

  2. Wow. What a lovely and encouraging posts. I thank God for my daddy, mommy and the rest of my family!

    My dad has some similar qualities as your dad. He works a lot, makes sure he meditates on the word of God and is always giving advice and encouraging his children. I pray God will continue to give us this spirit and heart of gratitude, in all circumstance!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Amen! Thanks for stopping by Oluwaseun. God bless you!