Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer 2012 Update

Hey there beauties!

Thougth I'd drop in and give you all a summer update!

Where did I go?

Britain in the 3rd week of June. It was really great! A much needed get-a-way. I'll post the pictures real soon! I'm pretty much fighting the clock these days.

Me at Picadilly, Manchester

What have I been doing?

Man, I wish I had some mega super duper interesting thing to say I got up to but not really. I'm actually back to studying. I have a couple exams end of August.

I've also been job searching. Goodness, I had a nerve-racking job interview three weeks ago. My first actually. I was so nervous! It went okay though. Could've been better but the thing about life is you're always learning. The moment the interview was done and as I waited for my bus to head back home I realized I actually didn't really want the job, lol! I went to another job interview last week. Wasn't really an interview but I'd gotten there before I was informed it was canceled! Goodness! With the job issue, I leave it all to God. I need one that won't clash with school or exams.

Did a little babysitting though and God-williing, I'll continue with that when school starts.

The cuties I babysit wanted to play dress-up. And then they played make believe.

Hanging out-wise, I actually haven't been doing much of that either. Been spending a lot of time with mostly family. The summer's really my chance to do that. Been having LOADS OF FUN with my 3 year old niece (some priceless Aunt-niece bonding time). Had a dinner date with my girlfriends earlier this week and what a time it was! Every other date we've had since then has been in the library ;)

Sitting in a little peaceful corner in the library. It looks small in this pic but in reality the library is HUGE.


I made a 'go running every morning' resolution at the beginning of summer. It went pretty well and I loved it, seriously! But the only downside was waking up early. I wanted to start studying and that also required waking up early. Anyhow, I had to give up the running. So what am I doing now? Biking! And it's great. Biked into town with my big Sis today. Go and back, the all making more than an hour's ride. It wasn't too hot which was great!

My running route back when I was running in June. Loved this route. Right on my backyard and I've got a lovely view of the fields. They were growing wheat back then. Oh and if you're wondering, no, I don't live on a farm ;)

What about my writing?

This, I can't help doing! I'm currently editing a novel I completed last summer and I'm trying to put the two following sequels together. I am also doing some research about a new novel I only just started writing. I've had the idea for nearly four years but only just penning it down now. I want to get as many critiques on it as possible so if you're interested I could send you a chapter and you can let me know what you think.
I am looking into publishing the novel I'm editing but not really doing it seriously. I sent out a query though. God willing, I plan to be more serious about publishing come December :) I might actually post a piece of that novel on here. Let me know if that would interest you. 

I am constantly writing can I not? I guess writing is a part of me.

And I am still dreaming up story after story. My imagination is working faster than my pen!

What am I reading?

Wow, I'm reading quite a bit while still trying to study. If I didn't have to study I'd be reading at least three books a week! I've read two Christian fiction I wrote reviews about. Check out my book reviews tab. I'm reading a couple books about writing and I plan to start reading a Christian non-fiction I've been wanting to read.

And of course, I am reading inspiring blog posts from blogs I follow. If I'm not following your blog yet and you know it's the kind of inspiring God-centered stuff I'd love, please leave your URL in a comment below! Thanks!

God willing, this is going to be my next non-fiction (and writing unrelated) read! Can't wait. Will pick it up the moment I'm done with exams.

What am I watching?

Goodness, apart from The Avengers which I saw earlier on in the summer, I haven't been watching much. I've been wanting to watch "red tails" since forever! It didn't come out in the cinemas where I live and I haven't had the time to get my hands on it. Anyone seen it? I bet it's good! And there are a whole bunch of meaningful movies on my movies list. I really don't watch television (unless it's cartoons) so coming across good random movies is rare.

I did accidentally came across a really impressive movie though while sitting in the living room but no body was watching it. We were all caught up in a discussion until the movie got our attention. It's "Mercury Rising" with Bruce Willis and it's 14 years old! Lol. But it was impressive and got me in tears at the end.

What movies do you recommend?

Mercury Rising Poster

And what else am I watching? Well, the Olympics of course. Watch it nearly every night. Love the swimming competitions (enjoyed watching Phelps win but it was still fun to watch even when he wasn't there or didn't win). Never get tired of watching the gymnastics, running and so much more. It's one of those Once-Every-Four-Years thing! Really enjoy the olympics.

And when it comes to God?

I am definitely working on getting closer to my God this summer. Spending some good ol' quality time with my number one. That's hard to do when there's school and everything and during the summer I have no excuse. Besides, I love just sitting in His presence.


I've been trying out some colours this summer! Watch out for my summer outfits updates!


I've been dreaming up a project related to human trafficking but I'm not sure when I'll get on it. God help me! But I'll get there and let you know how you can help and what you can do to stop slavery all around the world! What do you think? Are you up for it?


The only romance I'm into at the moment is the one with my first love, Jesus!
Catching up with old friends is a goal this summer though.

Well, that's it for me. I thank God for my life and truly believe I am living the dream God has set before me! All glory to Him alone! Hope I left nothing out.

Now, it's YOUR TURN! What about you? What are you getting up to? Do share!

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