Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reading the Bible...Part of a Check-list???

Hey beauties!

This is one of my flashcards I made during the Journal Challenge

Sitting in the library cramming one law principle after another...desperately looking for a distraction, I hit a blog post that I believe I really needed to see. It's a post by Katie Ganshert (author of Wildflowers From Winter) that appeared in my e-mail (as is custom).

Let me invite you to go on over to Katie's blog and check the post out. It'll only take a minute, and a very worthwhile one too. C'mon, I'll be right here. When you're done with that great post, then we can chat a little.

Click HERE. Go on, I'll wait :)

Back?? Alright time to chat. A little believer-to-believer chat. Will you promise to be honest with yourself? Well, I promise to be honest with you.

When I started this blog about a year ago, one of my first posts was God's Love Letter To Us (please, by all means, check it out. Or simply read it later. It is still an eye-opener to me today). And in it I confessed to seriously having trouble reading the Bible sometimes. Why? Too much to do! Goodness, it is definitely not an excuse. It wasn't then and it still isn't now. While I can say I'm better at it, I am still not there and finding an appropriate Bible study plan for myself has been a roller coaster ride. I'm not the world's most organized person and this probably takes its toll on my daily devotion. So, along the line I tried several things, one of which was having a check-list everyday. I made my check-list first thing in the morning. Reading the Bible would appear on that check-list *you can gasp now. Lol*. Seriously, it worked well at first, I mean, I was reading the Bible (improvement!). And then those days came when I'd look at the time and think "Okay, nearly done with the check-list, if I can read the Bible in 45min I can still have time for ....etc" and man, that is just WRONG. Seriously wrong. So, I quit putting it on the check-list (also because on days when I didn't do it I would feel an incredible amount of guilt). But that didn't necessarily mean I was consistent in reading.

So, what do I try to do now?

Well, I still fail at it regularly but when I get to perfect consistency here's what it would look like:

1) Pray first thing in the morning.

2) Go running to wake me up

3) Read the Bible

Right now, I'm not reading in sight of reading the whole thing by the end of the year, that'll be for 2013. So, right now, I try to be as flexible as possible and just let the Holy Spirit lead me.

4) Journal

Some of my flashcards from The Journal Challenge.

This can be a wonderful experience when not done in a "check-list" manner. I stopped this for a little while because it became a to-do on my check-list. But before then, it was just great. It consisted in me writing to God and starting each entry with "dear heavenly Daddy". And then I'd make flashcards with some scripture I'd learn and was planning on memorizing but there'll be an upcoming post about my experience and the amazing flashcards. (Oh and I got the idea from a fellow blogger. She called it "The Journal Challenge").

5) Quiet time worship

This consists in basically spending some time quietly listening to my "Quiet Time" playlist. I meditate on what I'd just read. I meditate on the words of the songs. I sing along or just turn off the music and sing my own songs. Sometimes I cry for no reason. The whole idea is just letting the Holy Spirit lead completely.

6) I pray

7) Ready for the day

Man, if I could do this EVERYDAY, I would never have a bad day. I'm serious. I'd just be in the right state of mind all day. Of course this would require waking up quite early when school starts. Not sure how it would work out.

So, confession made: I fail at it but I'm still working on it :) His grace is sufficient for me, 2 Corinthians 12:9 (actually read a devotion about that this morning).

Now, it's your turn. Be honest with yourself. Is reading the Bible another to-do off your check-list?

I've been there. And I'm working in it. But first I had to admit that's what I was doing.

So, friend-to-friend, what great Bible reading tip do you have to share with people like myself? *This would be so much cooler right now if I wasn't sitting in the library and I had a nice cold milkshake --> random library thoughts :) *





  1. Replies
    1. It's a pleasure! Thank you for the original post :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean,sometimes I postpone the reading,other times I just cant pay attention or engage but I tried something a few months ago until I gave up again but I will go back to it.I started reading from Genesis and read the Bible like a story so by the time I got to Exodus,I wanted to know how the story unfolds and it helped me which is why I will be going back to should try it if you are reading this:)

    1. Thanks for the tip Matilda! When reading the Old Testament, I usually read from the beginning of the chapter to the end of it. Otherwise it's very hard to follow. I've been doing that but when you miss a day you have to go back to remind urself what happened last. Thanks sis.

  3. I like this post a lot!! I admit sometimes my quiet time becomes a "to do" list in my head which I have to tick and I feel guilty when its not done so I've found myself sometimes doing it just for the sake of it. But I realise that the moment I take my time, relax and just enjoy reading and praying, it becomes more of a genuine way to spend time with God. So I guess all I'm saying is, just make time for God in your relationship. It might take some time to set up a specific time but God is always there and we just have to enjoy being in His presence and not make it seem a duty.. (wow I think I'll take my own advice lol)

    1. Well said Sis! Everyday is a learning day and I know I'm still learning to make some quality time for my God. He doesn't "need" my time and quite frankly He doesn't "need" anything from me. I need Him. So spending time with Him is doing me a lot more good than anything else! Thanks so much for your thoughts. Love it!