Sunday, August 5, 2012

Now Playing: God Girl

Happy Sunday!

Hope you've all had a blessed Sunday.

Just want to share what I'm listening to at the mo. This song is a great song to sing along to. And it's one especially for the ladies. However, on the song's youtube page quite a number of guys admited to listening to it and having it on their iPod. They even asked for a guy's version. It's such a fun song! 

Been listening to it since the album came out but realized I hadn't shared it today.

I love the words! Like when she says:

"Your name in lights, my biggest dream. My all in all, you're all I need. Hand in hand with the master of all creation. And I won't stop until I know that all my facebook friends and foes look at me and only see one thing"

And the second verse simply makes me smile! Again, such a lovely song by Jamie Grace! Enjoy!

God Girl by Jamie Grace

Blessings to all my God-Girls out there!


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