Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Poetry: Trusting in God

For a while now the thought of trusting in God has been playing in my mind. I mean, truly trust in God. The kind of trust that says, "God, things are going nothing like I hoped but I trust you that if they are happing this way, it's because you know best and you have greater plans". Yes, that kind of trust. Like the head of our choir illustrated, Faith says "I believe God will do it", Trust say "Even if He doesn't I know He's got everything in control".

So, thinking about what TRUSTING IN GOD really meant, I wrote a little something. It's not your usual poem. I called it "Trusting in God".

PLEASE NOTE: This poem is under strict international copyright laws. It CANNOT be used, copied, modified...etc without my permission.

Trusting in God

Running barefoot on the summer grass, arms spread out, she has no reason to laugh but a smile takes its place on her precious little face. Spinning in endless circles, eyes fixed on the sky, laughter erupts from a broken heart with nothing to laugh about. The sky turns gray. Her skies. It pours yet she doesn’t budge. A flash of lightning threatens in the sky. Thunder roars. The wind bellows. Her smile fades yet soaking wet…she stands her ground. There she stands, looking up to the sky as if waiting…waiting. She waits.

Back and forth. Back and forth he swings. Higher and higher. He could swing on forever. He could. Only, he’s tired. He looks down at the sea below and sighs. He hasn’t swam in years – not since the accident, he isn’t sure he even knows how. Higher and higher he swings. Hold on or let go? Stay safely seated or fall? Higher and higher. He looks to sky, refusing to look down. He finally smiles. A smile that spreads hope faster than venom all the way to his heart.
“Jump already!” A friend calls out in irritation towards the swing hanging from the tree on the cliff.
His heart skips a beat. This is it. He smiles and shouts back to his impatient friends,
“See you at the bottom”
Eyes on the sky, he lets go…falling yet laughing all the way through, despite not knowing what to expect.

Voilà! Do you trust in God? Do you really trust in God? I was certain I absolutely trusted until God brought a little thing my way. *Smiles*. And then I had to rethink my trust.

What are ways you exercice your trust in God?

Blessings and much love,



  1. I really enjoyed this poem. The way I trust God is praying for someone and leaving it in his hands. He always comes through and now I must exercise that for myself. When I say he comes through, he doesn't always give the answer we're looking for but he sure enough answers. God bless you Funto!

    1. Thanks a lot Maleeka :) Yes, God always answers, even if that answer is his silence about that thing you want. He's still sending a message across and He knows best.