Friday, July 20, 2012

Tagged! Letter to 16 year old me

Hey beauties!

16 year old me in spring of 2008

This is quite an overdue post. I was tagged by Funbi of DatFunkyFro a while ago. But I am quite excited to finally get to it now. A BIG THANK YOU TO Funbi!

This tag is so unique in the sense that it's not your usual "lt's get to know you more" tag.

This tag requires me to write a letter to 16 year old me. I had to go back and find pictures of me at that time to know what I really got up to.  

Well, here goes.

Hey you. Yes, you. Me writing this and you reading it is a testimony that my Heavenly Daddy has kept me and brought me this far. Sweety, you still have a little while to go. But hang in there. I have learnt a lot on this journey and truth is, you won't stop learning. Every day is a class. Will it hurt? Yes. But relax, you will always heal. Keep smiling. Love, don't worry, just keep smiling. Even when you hit certain bumps on the way and it hurts...just keep smiling. Be you. Yes, you. You might see yourself as boring, you might think you've got nothing to say that anyone wants to hear...just be yourself. Darling, do not lose your confidence. Don't. Don't let anyone intimidate you and make you feel like less. And there is really no use wishing you were like anyone else, that you had their social skills or whatever. Sweety, do not lose your confidence. Live each day as if it were your last. Suffocate everyone with hugs and let them remember you for your smile. Again, don't worry. You worry too much. Think before you speak, you hear? Think. Just because it's the truth doesn't mean it has to come out of your mouth. Oh and for crying out loud do something about constantly crushing on one guy or the other. I know you're actually never serious but it's still emotionally a waste of time. Baby girl, don't ever ever stop dream. Don't even think of it. Dream and dream big. As you grow older you might start to think dreams are just that - dreams. BUT press on! You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. And with dreaming comes writing. You will only keep falling in love with this hobby. I promise. Don't ever be afraid of making a fool of yourself in frint of a crowd. It's all part of being you. So if others will laugh or whatever, let them! At least you're being you. Appreciate every single person in your life. I know you do, just don't ever stop. I know you're dying to know...At twenty would you have met the one? Would you have a ring on it? Dreamer as you are I won't give it away. You'll find out soon enough. But don't be anxious where guys are concerned. Just live. Oh and strive to be more decisive. Big Sis will thank you for it since you'll spend less time asking her whether you should do this or that.

Sweety, most important be crazy madly in love with your Prince -the Prince of Peace. He is enough for you. I know you love Him, I know you're crazy about Him and that you take every given opportunity to share about Him. That's good. But read carefully. Keep growing. Don't ever, and sweety I mean ever, no matter how unconsciously, don't let your joy depend on the people around you or the things you might have. Listen to me, GOD IS ENOUGH, you hear? When you realize that you will barely get hurt when people let you down. You will not be fazed come what may. LOVE GOD, BREATHE HIM, SAVOURE HIM, BE ALL ABOUT HIM. You think you're working hard to know Him? Work harder.

Oh and honey, school work might seem like a lot now but it will only increase *smirk*, couldn't help bursting your bubble with that one.  

Again, continue to put God first, be yourself and NEVER LOSE YOUR CONFIDENCE...find it in Christ as well as your identity. You are His beloved. That is comfort enough and what a confidence booster.

Dear, live, rejoice and be you because great things lay ahead. Thank the Almighty for it!

So, that's my letter. This post reminds me of my Leap Day Post where I spoke about four years ago and 16 year old me. You can check that out too! I cherish that post because it's a reminder to me to live like God would have me live. And I will cherish this one so as not to ever forget what I would've told 16 year old me in an effort to keep progressing.

The fact that I can actually write this and smile and be able to remember without shuddering, is a testimony to my God's goodness. He has been too good and never let me be a victim of bad news of any horror this life might carry. I have had absolutely no reason to mourn. And I thank Him. My life is a testimony.

I won't tag anyone because since I'm doing this so late most people have already been tagged. But if not, feel free to tag yourself! Just make sure to leave me a link in the comments so I can check your letter out!

Have a great Friday evening all!

God bless and much love!



  1. i like this post... it made me think of what i would have written to my 16 year old self...i guess i need to sleep on that but thanks for sharing...i enjoyed it

    1. Yes, it's pretty interesting. It really got me thinking!

  2. I LOVE this advice you give to younger self, about everything, school, Jesus,confidence, dreams. I can relate a lot. Thanks for sharing :)

    I also wrote mine here-------->>

    1. No problem! Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely check yours out. These things are interesting!