Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now Playing: You Are Still Holy by Klaus K and Kari Jobe

Hey there lovelies,

This is a song that has been playing since the end of June through the month of July on my IPhone. It's such a beautiful words and it just gets me into a state of surrender.

The song had actually been on my playlist for a LONG while now but barely showed up on shuffle. Well, it finally did right when I needed.

It's now part of my "Quiet Time" playlist. It also makes a great "devotional time" listen.

The words "I want my life to be a pure reflexion of your love", and "I want my life to be a pure devotion to you" gets to me each time.

When they sing "All that has been in my life until now, it belongs to you" gets me to that place of that place of complete surrender in brings tears to my eyes.

Have a great listen and a beautiful time of worship!

Blessings and much love,


Oh and remember, He is still Holy even when the darkness surrounds. Trust Him!