Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A bit about me: Geeky Confessions

Dear beauties,

I've been putting off blogging for several reasons. Yes, it's summer, but boy, do I still have a ton to do. I was also away on vacation (England) for some time and had a blast. So grateful to the Almighty, my heavenly Daddy for His faithfulness. It really was nice. The devil tried of course but my God gave him a knock-out punch. I pray you are all doing well, as well as yours. I am just simply grateful and grateful for you too! I will most definitely be posting pictures of my trip, I pray I get to it soon though. I have a bunch of pictures piling up I want to share with you all - I love to share God's beautiful! Seriously, MY HEART IS FILLED WITH GRATITUDE for my heavenly Daddy.

Today's post however is somewhat random. I decided - randomly - to share a bit about me. Well, geeky me that is.

So, before I went away on vacation (which is nearly a month ago), my girls and I decided to have a nice movie Saturday night out. And what did we watch??? AVENGERS!!! I had soooo wanted to see the movie from the moment it came out and with exams out of the way, it was the best opportunity. However, my excitement had died down because I remember saying just before the movie started "this movie better not disappoint" and guess what??? It didn't! It was quite a balanced movie. It didn't have too much of anything. The action was just right, the humour, oh the humour! And the acting...don't get me started or I'll wound up sounding like an overexcited teen. Bottom line: The movie was absolutely worth the watch. So, if you haven't seen it and if it's still showing, I HIGHLY recommend.

But I guess what I also liked about the movie was...well, the funny-costume and tights-wearing heroes. Lol. So, here's the confession: I enjoy comic superheroes. WAIT!!! Before you start casting the stones, I don't actually read comics but I watch comic-based cartoons. I haven't seen the Avengers cartoon though. That's because I'm more of a DC comics person. Marvel superheroes never seemed too great to me - not that I knew that many. 

My favorite comic-based superheroes featured in cartoons would have to be: Static, Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Green Arrow, The Flash (Wally West) and a few more.

Comic-based superhero cartoons I enjoyed most would be: Justice League, Static and certain Batmans (like Batman: Brave and the Bold).

I hesitate on putting "Young Justice" on that list. It started off good and I like it but I just hope the story won't spiral out of control.

That's today's Geeky Confessions. Oh and before anyone says anything, yes, I know I'm twenty but I am also a kid at heart ;)

Ask any child, they'll tell you they want a super-powered superhero they can admire. Ask any grown-up, they'll tell you they want to be someone's hero. BUT let's remember, JESUS IS THE NUMBER ONE HERO.

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends" John 15:13 NIV

He is my hero! He saves me every second of every day!

What geeky confessions do you have to share? What cartoon/comic superheroes do you like best?


Oh and remember, He is that hero!


  1. This post was so fun! You're so adorable, sticking your tongue out. God Bless You sis. I anticipate seeing your pictures from England. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much Sis! Haha! Sorry for replying so late ;)

  2. LOOL. This is so funny. I am also on your side on this. Loved the movie. Enough said. About heroes: I like to watch cartoon, that we know but some of those super heroes things can, as you rightly put it "spiral out of control". However, static shock, Justice league (season 1), Brace & the Bold takes my vote. I also like Static, batman (Brace and the bold & 1992 version), Wally West (Flash) and Plastic Man are my faves.
    Thank you for sharing this sis.
    LOVE the pic :) and a big :p to you too


    1. Haha! You are HILARIOUS! Thanks hun! Especially for ALL the fun times we spend together watching cartoons and 90s series that make us laugh until it hurts. Seriously cherish those moments! THEY ARE PRICELESS!!!