Friday, June 8, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: Yes, I made it through!

Happy Thankful Thursday to share with all you beauties...

Study flow. Was studying all over the house. Top picture is on the dinning table. Bottom picture was on my bed.

Usually, I never really did mind being home alone. A little alone time never did anyone any harm. Yet there I sat on the couch, file in my hand, piles of books and paper on the floor and pens and highlighters scattered everywhere and to top it all, a slight feeling of loneliness in a soupy mix with anxiety filled the air around me. It wasn't the first time I'd felt like that. I knew it. In fact, the last time was worse. It had been the beginning of the year, maybe around 6pm but the fierce winter season had already made it pitch black outside. I had started pacing uncontrollably around the house and actually picked up the phone a couple of times to ask my big sister when she would be home. That time it had felt like the walls where closing in on me and I had nearly been unable to stare at the books before me, decorated in different shades of highlighter color, resembling a child's colouring book. This time wasn't as bad, thank God. Yet that feeling of anxiety was there. Why in the world had I decided to take tomorrow's exam? I should have postponed it to August like my friends did! What was I thinking? The questions asked themselves in my head and left a deeper feeling of anxiety. Truth was, I was tired. But I still had 2 out of six exams to go this June. My head ached terribly and my whole body was screaming in protest demanding I see a doctor. Thing is, after Sunday morning church that day, as the rain poured and my sister and I tried to make it to our destination, I had slipped in the rain, hit my head against the wall and landed in an awkward position on the wet concrete floor. I'd only prayed the pouring rain would dissimulate the tears that mounted to my eyes. Thank God, I'd gotten a ride home but only to discover that my shoulder hurt terribly, and my back demanded some attention. Arrg!!! Why was this happening?? I had an exam the next day for crying out loud. And here I was, all alone, tired, with books larger than the size of your average dictionary on my lap. Yes, that feeling of loneliness hit and it made anxiety it's shadow.

That was four days ago - Sunday. This is today! And I absolutely thank the Almighty God for His grace and His faithfulness. Because yesterday, I walked confidently out of the hall after my last exam.

This was taken in the library...fooling around, lol.

I HATE EXAM STRESS. But the two experiences explained above are relatively new. Exams never had that effect on me. I thank God because the second experience was so much better that the first (in January). All through, I held on to God's promise and remembered NOT TO STRESS OUT. The reason I chose to speak about last Sunday was because that was really the only time I was in that shape. And I give God all the glory because it didn't last long.

Love to study with a giant cup of hot mint tea.

My God overwhelmed me with His unfathomable peace making me forget every care and every worry. He swooped into my heart and whispered the words "I am here. I am with you. I am your God.You have nothing to worry about". And I found myself waving goodbye to loneliness and anxiety. I think I even forgot they were ever there! Instead with my God renewing my strength, I persevered!

I typed this up while journaling. My time spent with God...basically writing to Him. LOVE IT.

He saw me through this exam session and I cannot but thank Him for it. I TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. He has brought me this far in my studies ans shown me favour in amazing ways. He has made me the head and not the tail. Lifted me above! He put His spirit of excellence upon me and HE WAS MY STRENGTH.

Journaling. I corrected the "most importantly" from the last picture. Lol. Love my Jesus.

I am not boasting in myself. No, I AM BOASTING IN MY AWESOME GOD, HE SEES ME THROUGH IT ALL. I CANNOT BUT THANK HIM ENOUGH. Friend, I really do not take anything for granted. No matter how little the care I bring before him, He never fails to hear me. And I encourage you to cast every one of care to Him, simply because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).


What are you thankful to God for this Thursday??? Do share! The world needs to know!

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    Yes God is faithful & is always there. Many times, anxieties, fears & worries might settle in our hearts but God can shake them away. He is our peace. I rejoice with you & I am so proud of you.