Saturday, May 5, 2012

Behind The Beauty: 2nd Week Of April in a few images

Hey there beauties!

Here with the rest of April's beautiful. (This is quite late and slightly embarrasing seeing as we're already in May, I mean May...I know right? Time's speeding up!).

Check out the beautiful pics! So utterly grateful to God for the beautiful things He's put in my life, the beautiful people inside and out, and the beautiful things He puts in my pathway everyday.

Even when you think thing's aren't so pretty, take a change of perspective and you'll see just how wrong you are!

Remember, in His time, God makes all things beautiful (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Such a beautiful God I serve. Enjoy the pics.

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Please note: These pictures were taken by myself, if you would like to use them or share them, please ask. DO NOT USE THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (the blog is under copyright laws, and this coming from a law school student).

Oh yes! It's SPRING!

And....then the rain started...

Had a week's easter vacation but after Ressurection Monday was back at the library the rain! iPad..check! Books and highlighter...check! Snacks (more specifically Kinder)...a definite check!

In the library. View from where I sat. Such a relaxing pretty sight.

This church is right outside Uni. It's so pretty! The pictures were taken on different days.

Beautiful tower in one of my favorite places.

Evidence of all the rain and the clouds. Funny thing is, I usually do not like rainy days but as it rained all week, I made a decision to CHANGE PERSPECTIVES and well, I found it BEAUTIFUL. I mean look at those BEAUTIFUL CLOUDS!

Looking up to the cloudy sky!

Spring flowers after the rain...such a beauty.

It was a beautiful 2nd week, thank God!

Behind the beauty is a God who loves us to bits!

Blessings and love,


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