Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Perfect SWEETEST most romantic PROPOSAL....

Happy Resurrection Friends!
What a day, what a day! Giving God ALL the glory! It's amazing the lessons that come with each day...but that's story for another day.
Today, I want to tell you a little about THE LOVING MOST ROMANTIC PERSON I know.

His love carries me through making me float upon a cloud.

When he holds me, NOTHING else matters...the world just simply fades away.
I cannot help but constantly think and dream about him, like someone permanently lost in a daydream.
I know he'll never let me down.
He won't stop telling me he loves me, and I have NO DOUBTS.
He has pulled me through every tight situation I can think of.
When I hurt he hurts, and makes sure he's the one to make my day.
He tells me he will never leave me, and I know he means it.
He's a best friend, yet much more.
He'll fight for me no matter the opposition.
His smile literally makes my day.
His love letters make my heart skip a beat.
He's never short of a word of encouragement.
His words save me each day.
I love calling his name.
When I'm lost he always knows where to find me.
I trust him with my life...with my all, my everything.
In fact, HE IS MY LIFE, my all, my everything.
Well, HE PROPOSED!!!!!

Then He went and DIED IN MY PLACE, SO THAT I COULD LIVE. He took my shame, He took my pain, He took the humiliation, made it His own and took the blame for something I did. He suffered, innocently, when he knew I should be in his place. He bravely took the whip, the abuse. He was bruised, scared. Thirsty, dehydrated, weak and in pain, He carried the cross but he thought of me…imperfect sin-filthy me was a good enough reason why he couldn’t back down. And as each nail traveled past obstacles of flesh and bones to hit its destination, he screamed in pain yet he never withdrew. Pearl-like tears streamed down crimson blood stained cheeks…He loved , loved me too much to let the enemy win. He was love. Love wouldn’t fail. He knew what was coming, he knew he would taste death yet he trusted the Father to help save his beloved. Heaven stood on standby. His agonizing cries piercing through the Kingdom, paralyzing the hosts…leaving them helpless, in pain. Shouts of victory arose from the dark lifeless depths of the earth. The enemy screaming, “the Son of the Most High nailed to a tree! The son of the Most High nailed to a tree”. Looking up to the sky, He cried for help. Earth didn’t want him, heaven rejected him. Still, he went through with it knowing that despite his efforts, despite his sacrifice he still risked rejection from his beloved, the one He loved. What if she chose to ignore his sacrifice? What if she never so much as looked back? What if she chose the world over him? What would be the point of his sacrifice then? Still, he went all the way. He held nothing back and completely gave himself like a lamb being lead to its death…a lamb to be slaughtered.  The lamb that was slain. 
A sacrifice I know no friend could ever make on my behalf.
Tell me, how could I ever STOP LOVING HIM??? HOW COULD I EVER LOVE HIM ANY LESS??!??
Oh, to be in love ;)
Here's is a video I got through someone on Twitter, basically explaining my love’s perfect SWEETEST most romantic PROPOSAL.


It's amazing when you think about it isn't it??

Seriously, My Jesus is the most romantic person I know! Don't believe me? Pick up the Bible and read, simply think about the fact that He died out of love for you!

I LOVE HIM! Wait, did I already say that??? Just can't help myself ;)


Oh and don't ever stop rejoicing, because VICTORY IS YOURS THROUGH CHRIST, He conquered the grave, making you and I MORE than conquerors through His blood!

Much Love, FunTo


  1. thanks for sharing..... learnt quite a bit from the video....!!

    1. No problem! I know, I learnt a lot too. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. He is my greatest love, he is the best love story ever told!!! check out

    1. Yes! He is simply AWESOME! Thnx for dropping by!

  3. Aww this is lovely! Jesus is the best isn't He? Love personified!!

    Muse Origins FB

    1. I know!!! Yes! I think my heart melted when I saw it. He is sooo GREAT!