Monday, April 9, 2012

Behind The Beauty - 1st Week of April in a few images

Hey Beauties!

It's been such an eventful first week of April! My God's been so good. He's lined my streets with gold, covered my world with all things beautiful. He's put the incredible evidence of His beautiful creation in my pathway making them billboards pointing out His unending love. When this world tried to bring me down and when the enemy of my soul thought he could confuse me, frustrate me...the beautiful my Lord would put in the little things around me would put an ear to ear smile on my face!

Let me share a little of this week's beautiful with you! But bear in mind, behind the beautiful is a God who loves us to bits!

Please note: These pictures were taken by myself, if you would like to use them or share them, please ask. DO NOT USE THEM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Walking with friends on a cloudy April day!

Some good old Morrocan Tea with a baked apple dessert in a restaurant after classes. It was DELICIOUS.

It started raining so we left the restaurant's terrace to sit in side. Check out the rain! I'm normally someone that doesn't like a rainy day but this one was beautiful!

More of the restaurant and what we had. It's amazing how one terrace can look beautiful before and during the rain! Definitely coming here more often by God's grace!

Using public always ;)

We celebrated a friend's birthday at Uni on Thursday. Surprised her with these cupcakes and we had a mini party before classes. So sweet. The friend that made the cupcakes did a brilliant job like always. She makes delicious EVERYTHING! Thank God for great friends. Don't take those God has blessed you with for granted! I mean, don't do it man!

Woke up Friday morning and to celebrate my Lord's special sacrifice decided to go on a baking adventure. Wanted to make cupcakes for the family to celebrate. The recipe was completely new and I didn't know what to expect!

Voilà mes cupcakes! The result was AMAZING. Haha. I was so proud of myself. They tasted good too! My dear cupcakes!

That was my first week of April. Giving Him ALL THE GLORY. I pray this week is filled with His love, grace and His mercy. I pray He fills me up with a deeper understanding and a deeper love for Him. I pray He gives me a greater revelation of His love. I pray He opens my eyes to see what He sees. I pray He opens my eyes to see ALL THE BEAUTIFUL He has put before me, be it be people, things, places, pictures...etc. Amen!

This is a new series called Behind The Beauty.

Behind all this beauty is a God that is greater than any other, a God that's seeking to make your day, if only you would let Him.

Stop complaining, breathe, avoid stress...whatever you need to do, just don't miss the beautiful around you!

Blessings and  Love Friends,

May the Lord meet you at the point of your need this week! Amen.

Much much Love, FunTo


  1. These things can so easily be overlooked. But these are what makes life beautiful. I love the series. Looking forward to more

    Muse Origins FB

    1. Thanks so much Adiya for the encouragement!Thanks for passing by, God Bless!