Sunday, March 11, 2012

Relationship post: Proposal!

Hi everyone!

What a busy busy week it's been! God has been good. After having a lovely Sunday in church in the midst of other wonderful believers, it's time to take this Sunday catching up on things to do and get a head start on the week. Catching up on things to do alos means, of course, catching up on blog posts!

So, here I am with another relationship post I entitle: PROPOSAL!

Last friday (2 days ago), while having lunch with one of my high school girlfriends from back in the day...she announced the good news! She was engaged! Her man had proposed! Goodness, I felt like jumping on her and eating her up! I was just so ecstatic for her! And she went on to tell me the sweet and romantic story.

I was reminded of a video I'd come across online by accident, I mean, complete and pure accident. But we know that with God, nothing is an accident. I honestly thought this was supper cute. And just to encourage all the ladies and gents out there who are not engaged or'll come at God's right and perfect time! He's got it all worked out and believe me your story will be the sweetest love story you could ever have imagined. Amen! So, smile, laugh, dream, even cry tears of joy if you want as you watch the video because my God's gonna make yours come true in a fabulous fantastic way...but BE PATIENT and wait for His own time!

Enjoy the video!

Sweet huh? Tell me about it! I love the way he says: "I just wanted to do this at a time when we're lifting up God first and foremost..." Seriously beautiful!

So happy for the couple in the videp and really so happy for my girl! Praying for her and the new path her relationship has taken!

What sweet proposal stories have you got to share?

GOD BLESS YOU and have a beautiful Sunday with God's love shining down on you, brighter than the sun itself!

Much love FunTó


  1. This is so sweet. Caused me to cry. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Sonday!! :D

    1. I know! So sweet right? I pray your week's going good Sis!