Friday, March 30, 2012

New Natural on the block!

Hi Everyone!

Me with my styled short hair! What do you think?

I pray you're all doing great and that you've had a great stress-free week!

Getting straight to the point, I would like to affirm, that yes! I am the latest natural on the block!

Actually, I've been transitioning since October 2011 but on Sunday (25th of March), I made a sudden decision to cut my hair! And in the crazy moment, I got my dear Mum to do it and she did a great job! I absolutely love my new cut!

I'd put off going natural for more than a year now. I'd just resolved to taking good care of my permed/relaxed hair, being carful about what products I used and giving it all the best treatment. My permed hair really stayed healthy. But then it all seemed to go wrong when during the summer, I was studying for exams. I practically abandonned my hair and the result wasn't great. I really liked my healthy permed hair but I think going natural would be best after the shock my hair had.

So please please please please please, if you have any natural hair advise I would love to hear it. My amazing big sister has a lovely natural hair blog that has helped me so much so far and she has been a great help! SO SHOUT OUT TO MY BIG SIS!

Also, if you know of any transitioning blogs, let me know! Thanks in advance!

If you're a natural, what was your experience when you started out?

Blessings and love,


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  1. CONGRATS sis on your staying natural!! Make most of the journey and have fun! And thank you for the shout out, I give all the glory to God alone!