Saturday, March 31, 2012

Memories of a Winter Wonderland...

Much much love to you all!

Yours truly with my fur hat! It was a much needed must-have this winter.

You know, one thing that NEVER fails to amaze me is HOW TIME MOVES FAST! I can see the thing called time with those jet packs you see in cartoons or in futuristic movies flying past at the speed of light. Wow, time flies, cause here we are in SPRING! Oh yes! I simply love this season. Personally, I love ALL THE SEASONS because they each have something special about them. Spring is that time when I rise up early and can't wait to look out the window to observe the beautiful rising of the sun. It is such a sight! Fills my heart with so much joy. Spring is also that season I can't wait to jump out of bed ans start my day. It's that season where I DREAM and do it endlessly. It's such a beautiful season. But saying 'Good-bye' to the winter made me think back to it's own wondrous beauty. Oh what a winter it was! IT FROZE. I mean, literally! It was the COLDEST winter in sooo long where I live over here! I mean, it was soooo cold that you didn't go out unless you really had to. Oh, what a winter it was indeed! And to make matters worse, the transportation system over here went through a couple of changes so yes, I literally froze outside during those days where the transportation system couldn't cope. It was FREEZING or frozen -whichever tense you prefer- all over Europe, a winter to remember for us all over here.

Anyway, enough said, let me walk you down memory lane with a couple pictures!


"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

These were taken by yours truly:

A pleasure strolling down that road with you. That was just a little of my lovely winter! Now I look forward to the other seasons, waiting eagerly for what ever they have to offer.

Just like Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, there is a time for everything and a purpose for everything. Yes, the winter was quite harsh but without the winter the spring would never come! The same goes for life. Sometimes we might be faced with what seems like a harsh winter, but friend remember, one season doesn't last forever. THE WINTER SHALL PASS. THE WINTER HAS PASSED! Look forward to your spring and to your summer and LIVE IT! God took you through that winter season for a reason, now you're ready to face the beauty hiding behind the spring! Enjoy the beauty, and remember that there is a wonderful beautiful awesome God behind that indescribable beauty!

I love you all with the LOVE of God!

Abide in His presence, dwell in His love.


  1. I shall never complain about the cold in the states because we have never experienced a cold like Europe! Thank you for sharing!

  2. No problem Sis! Yeah, it was pretty cold but I give God all the glory because it was still a lot colder in other parts of Europe than over here.