Friday, February 10, 2012

Living is more than going through the motions

Much Love to all you beautiful people!

I made a video last night so I thought I would share it. It pretty much sums up my week and a challenge I've somewhat given myself for some time now which is: Truly LIVING for Christ and not merely going through tthe motions of life, not merely EXISTING.

The Lord has just been ministering to me in amazing ways concerning this. In fact, the idea behind this whole blog is based on it (check out my very first post on blogger about living the greater purpose). And like I mentioned in the video I WILL (by God's grace) be talking more about this. We'll see how it goes, but through the leading of the Holy Ghost, I've just got so much to share on the topic. Like I said, we'll see ;)

"I expect and hope that I will not fail Christ in anything but that I will have the courage now, as always, to show the greatness of Christ in my life here on earth, whether I live or die" (Philippians 1:20 NCV).

"For I fully expect and hope that I will never be ashamed, but that I will continue to be bold for Christ, as I have been in the past. And I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ, whether I live or die. For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better" (Philippians 1:20-21 NLT).

Here's the video, I pray you're blessed through it:

(Oh, and bare with me, there are a couple technical issues. Gotta invest in a real videocam :) )

What do you think? How has God been teaching you concerning this issue? What testimonies do you have to share about it! The world needs to know!

Have a wonderfully blessed Friday!

Remember to LIVE it!


Yup, He loves you like it's no man's bussiness!

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