Monday, January 2, 2012

That beautiful novel called "2012" by The Greatest Storywriter

Blessings and love lovelies!

It's January the 2nd 2012 and oh wow, what an eventful start of the year it's been. I thank God. I am so grateful to Him for everything. Every little bit of my life. I could never thank Him enough. Not even with a thousand tongues.

So, day two of the New Year the Lord has given me the privilege to be a part of. So here I am. And as this new year, as 2012 unfolds I'm holding on to God and to God alone. He is the one writing this story. He is the one writing the story behind 2012.

Oh He's writing it all out with a loving smile. He's writing it out thinking, "my daughter, my princess, you have no idea what I have install for you. The beauty...”. He's the master planner, the storywriter. He's just done with one masterpiece, 2011. Yeah, 2011. He called the last chapter of that one "Yesterday". He takes one last look at it with a fatherly smile. That story ended wonderfully. He's satisfied. Now it's time to move on to the next story. He's excited. Why? Because this one is going to be better than the last. With flowing black ink, He writes it all down. He chooses His words. He writes them down. There're no mistakes here, no. No misplaced word. No misplaced event. Nothing’s out of place. No. He's the master planner. He makes all things beautiful. And this one is going to be a whole new type of beautiful. This will give a whole new definition to the word "beautiful". Oh, this writer is up to something. But He loves suspense. Oh, how He loves it! He keeps us waiting. Waiting, wondering how the story will unfold. But He only laughs and smiles. He laughs at your impatience. He laughs at my impatience. He reminds me and He reminds you that PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. I hate suspense. I don’t like having to wait and this He knows. But it makes Him smile the more. He takes His time not bothered by my impatience. He tells me His timing is nothing like my own. He tells me He can tell time and I cannot. He smiles at me and reminds me He’s the storywriter not me. Sometimes I forget this. I love writing. So sometimes I want to take His place. Pick up my own pen and write the story myself. I pick up my pen wanting to write my own story. But the truth is, I’m no good at it. We’re no good at it. He’s the artist. Not you. Certainly not me. He’s the writer and He’s got this story all figured out. There may be those times when things look scary, where tomorrow looks so unsure…terrifying even. But I remind myself He’s the one writing this story. No one else. He writes it. He is love. Love writes my story. And nothing could go wrong there. I’m learning to let go, let go of my own pen. Truth is, I’m still learning. Learning to completely trust the writer. Learning to leave it all to Him. I’m learning patience. I’m learning, taking notes as I go along. He’s teaching me, teaching me to hold on tight. You see, I might not know tomorrow. I might not understand where this new story is going. I might feel like asking the storywriter all sorts of questions. But at the end of the day all I can do is hold on. I hate suspense. Yet, He’s taught me it could be great. Because now no matter what comes my way, I know I’m doing great. And I look forward to what is to come. I look forward in anticipation, eager. I look forward to every chapter the master planner will write. I look forward to every word. I hold on and I cling to His every Word. I trust in Him. And though I might not know where the story’s going, although I might not have the faintest idea how it’ll end, I’m excited. I really am. He’s got me guessing, guessing what’ll come. He's got me wondering. Yet He tells me what He has in mind is beyond my imagination. More beautiful than anything I could ever imagine. Sweeter than my greatest dreams. Better than my deepest desires. But that doesn’t stop me from guessing. So, here I am, trusting in Him, taking the back seat and watching this story He’s writing unfold. And one day, I’ll go back and pick up the novel called “2012” and just smile, laugh, cry tears of joy and laugh some more. And then I’ll shut it waiting for the sequels to unfold. I love this Storywriter. I love Him. I love the way He’s keeping me guessing. Teasing me with this guessing game. I love my God, the greatest storywriter.

Be reassured and be inspired.

This is the song that I'm moving to this New Year. It's the song that somewhat inspired the words written above.

It's called "Keeping Me Guessing" By Francesca Battistelli

God Bless You and Yours!



  1. This is AMAZING sis! You are truly talented. Thank you so much for sharing those inspiring words! May God continue to use you for the glory of His name.


  2. @Funbi's Amen! Aw...I'm blushing Lol!