Monday, January 23, 2012

A day at the!

Hey there lovelies!

So, I was in the library all day today. I mean, all day! *Sighs*

And just for the fun of it (hoping it can put a beautiful smile on your faces and maybe even bring back some memories), I took a couple caricature-like pictures of how this "typical" day at the library went.

Here are the pictures!


Morning. Just got to the library. Motivated. Ready for anything.

The reading/studying begins. Hard at work with a "bring it on" attitude.

 What????? *shifts in seat*

When you don't get it, always better to take a break. Nothing like candy ;) 

Break over. Back to work!

Day dream time. Thinking of a thousand places I'd rather be. Hello Lala Land :) How nice to visit once again.

BORED! The face says it all...Actually, it's really saying "HELP!!!" Lol. What happened to motivation??

Haha! Carried on till the end though. Yay! Thank God. The Lord is my strength!

Goodness, them library days! Have you been there?

Would love to hear all the library experiences...*nerd alert* Lol!

Hope that made someone smile. If not, I'd have to move on to stage 2 of mission "make somone smile".

Have a lovely rest of the week beauties!

God Bless!!

Oh and yes, He still loves you like it's no body's business!



  1. LOL! That got me ROFL!!!! x___X Girl that was funny and REALLY made me smile. Love the originality of this post. Would love more like this. On a serious tone, been there and still there. I understand how you fill. Yes, the joy of the Lord is our strength! God bless


  2. lool smiled @ What????? *shifts in seat*....we've all been infact I had one jst yesterday bt only dat it was in my room...Lord help us!

  3. Hey!
    Thanks for joining my blog!
    I appreciate your intro under your picture greatly!

    I love the library! It's not easy to be there alone as it looks like you experienced. When I was in school, I would go to the library with my sorority sisters and my friends and bring snacks and get to work. Much needed conversation breaks are needed during long periods of study. I also have studied by myself many time with music. Worship music is the best while studying. if you're mellow then mellow worship music. If you're upbeat, play upbeat music. All in all, alone or with others. God is with ya!
    May God emanate through your life today and always.

  4. @xflashinLITESx: Haha, yes! Lord help us!

  5. @Emme: Hi! It was a pleasure joining your blog :)
    It's not easy to be in the library alone like you stated but most of my friends prefer to study at home. When I do go to the library with friends, I avoid sitting with them because sometimes we tend to be a distraction to one another. AND YES!! WORSHIP MUSIC IS A MUST FOR ME. Either that or a instrumental a christian musician made, very beautiful! Actually, that monday I listened to Deep in love with you by M.W.S over and over. Came across it on xFlashinLITESx blog and eventually came across ur blog. God is awesome ;)

  6. Hey hun! I recently tagged you. Check out my blog for more info :)