Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tidings of Good Cheer!

Merry Christmas Friends!

Aww...getting so excited for the season, just can't help it! I feel like screaming "Merry Christmas" everywhere I go. It's quite annoying because my vacations start on the 23rd so with all that uni stuff to do and all the hustle and bustle it can seem quite hard to get into Christmas! But friend, I ask of you, don't let this Christmas pass you by no matter how busy you may be! Don't let the opportunity to rejoice and celebrate Christ's birth pass you by! The devil has no new tricks! So, he'll try to get us too busy, try to remind of of everything that might want to kill our joy. But, don't let that happen! Rejoice in Christ. He has come, He has paid the biggest price! That is more than enough reason to celebrate! No matter the circumstances, despite of past pains or memories. Beloved, REJOICE! He came so that He could have the victory on your behalf. So whatever might be going on now around you, stress, pain, dissappointment, mater how complicated the circumstances, REJOICE! 

"Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice" Philippians 4:4 KJV

So, make the most out of this Christmas, enjoy the simplicity of the miracle of the manger and rejoice! Besides, nomatter the circumstances, YOUR STORY DOESN'T END HERE. Why? Simply because as the songwriter wrote all those years back: "And man will live forever more, because of Chrsitmas day!" Yes, this is where your victory started, Christmas day. And you will be victorious forever more, because of Christmas day! Oh what joy!

Friend, rejoice and remember to spread the LOVE. Let go of the hurt, let go of it all! Let go of the regrets! Forget what happend last Christmas! Forget who was there for you and who wasn't. Forget who let you down and who stepped on your toe! SPREAD THE LOVE! Why? Because CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE AGAIN and it's a time of GOOD CHEER. It's the story of a God who, because of LOVE for the world, sent His one and only Son to this cruel earth so that He could be born once so that we could be Born that He could bare the pain so that you could be free of that He could die and rise again so that you could have the victory! So...Rejoice, spread the joy. Love and spread that love!

Hear the angels praise His Holy name and join in the heavenly party! Join in, singing "Gloria, Gloria" because Christmas time is here again. Don't let it pass you by! Don't miss that heavenly party!

Listen to the videos, they're just some of my favorite Christmas songs. As you can tell, I'm rocking Tobymac's new album: Christmas in Diversecity. What Christmas tunes are y'all listening to? Do SHARE!
Alright, this girl's going back to work :)

Wishing you all the season's best!

God Bless you all!


Blessings and love, FunTo

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