Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him!

Merry Christmas, Friends!

But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.” Luke 1 30 -33 (NIV)

Christmas!!!! It's approaching so fast I want to scream and shout it on the roof tops! Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! The truth that The King would GIVE His one and ONLY Son to be born Once so that I could be Born Again makes me all warm inside, more than that, it makes me want to shout! Oh...could there be a LOVE greater? Christmas! Christmas is the essence of Christianity. Maybe Christmas or Easter, I find it hard to talk about one without mentionning the other, but that's the very heart of Christianity. The fact that God so loved loved me and so loved YOU - yes, you!- that He sent His one and only begotten Son to die for our Sins. Beloved, listen, God sent His Son so He could find your Soul. Your Soul means so much to Him that He sent The King down here to become flesh, just like you and I. A King born in a manger, a King that walked with fishermen, a King that healed the sickly and provided for the poor. A King that went through the dessert to be tested. A King that was mistreated, slapped, spat on, called a liar, made to wear a crown of thorns, mocked and eventually went to the Cross. He had the human experience for you and I. But not just any human experience, but the human experience that has given us Hope, Joy, Victory and ETERNAL LIFE.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 (NIV)

Like our script writter wrote in our Christmas play (we, the youth performed at church), He was a 100% man, yet a 100% God! Wow, what an awesome God! That boy Jesus, laying in the manger, with nothing but greatness laying ahead of Him. You were so important to Him, Herod couldn't stop Him, Temptation couldn't stop Him, Satan couldn't stop Him and death certainly could not stop Him! He had to find your soul! And that is what we celebrate! Christmas!

Christmas is not a day; not just the 25th. Christmas is most certainly not just a holiday. It's not a time to empty your wallets and use your credit cards silly! Christmas is not about the snow and the hot cocao (don't get me wrong, those are nice). Christmas is not just the next best thing to look forward to after the Summer. No. It's not just about getting that expensive present we've been waiting for all year, and it's not about giving the most expensive present to feel good. No. It's not about the tree (believe me, NOTHING to do with that) nor is it about Santa Clause. Christmas is most certainly not a tradition. No. Christmas is not a day; not just the 25th. Christmas is a lifestyle!

Yes, you heard me! Chrsitmas is a lifestyle! Let me bring it back home a little: for those with kids - or those with younger sibblings, or simply, those who have people they care about (which is pretty much ALL of us) - do you only remember that your kids or loved one exist when it's their birthday? Do you only tell them you love them and show them some appreciation on their birthday? Hmmm hum, you see where I'm going with this?
Yes, imagine how, Jesus - the King of Kings who died so you could live - feels when you wait for a day on a calendar before you finally sing the words "Oh Come Let Us Adore Hime!". Truth is, He is to be adored everyday of our lives! We are to thank the Lord for giving His one and only Son, the GREATEST ACT OF LOVE EVER, everyday!

Point number two: How do you think your parents would feel if you only respected them, reverenced them and obeyed them once in a year? I mean, really, think about it! That seems totally hypocritical and by a certain stage your parents would be totally unmoved by your once in a year hypocritical display. Now, how do you think Jesus feels? We go through the year not living up to His word. We go through the year, shoving Him and everything He teaches and offers us at the very back of our minds. And then at Christmas we're the first in church and the first to start giving and shouting "merry Christmas" all around. I mean, oh really? Are you kidding??? Just imagine how Jesus would feel. We are to respect, honour, reverence, OBEY, live for Christ EVERYDAY! Not just on Christmas!

This brings me to point number 3: Imagine and please trully imagine that on your birthday, your friends and family are all running around trying to organise the best party ever! Not so hard to imagine, is it? Everyone gets so busy! They're all spending expensive gifts for you, telling everyone one in your neighbourhood (even strangers) about this big event. They've ordered the largest most delicious cake. It's supposed to be a surprise but you figured it out. You know the place, you know the time. And when that day comes, your birthday, your friends and family get busier! I mean, BUSY. Because they just want things to be perfect for the huge party at 6pm. And then on that day, 6pm hits and you realize they're having YOUR party, that they worked so hard and got so busy for, yet, they FORGOT TO INVITE YOU?? *Laughs and shakes head* that would be unthinkable, right? Yet we treat our very Saviour that way each year on His birthday. We get so busy, convincing ourselves that it's ALL about Him but truly, we shut Him out of our Christmas festivities. We get so busy with the wrong things on Christmas (and when I say busy I mean busy, so much that some people have come to disliking the "holiday" for this), that we even forget to invite Christ into our hearts! How is that even possible, you ask? Well, believe me, we've all been guilty of this at least once. We don't invite Him into our lives. We simply don't invite Him to the party. Thus taking the whole aspect of Christ OUT of "Christ-mas". Christmas then becomes a tradition; a one day in a year thing. We forget why we celebrate. We run around getting busy about the wrong things and we don't even know why. We say it's all about giving yet we don't even know where the giving aspect of it started. Well, let me tell you, it started with Christ, when God sent Him into this world, when God GAVE ALL HE HAD for you and I, when He GAVE HIS VERY BEST!

Christmas starts with Christ. It started with Him all those years back! He was God's gift to us!! And just like God gave His very best, WHAT DO WE GIVE IN RETURN? Not just on Christmas day, but every single day of our lives. Ever heard the saying "you can't outgive God?" well, you can't! Because not only did He give us His one and only Son, but He keeps giving to us and blessing us! Not just on Christmas day, BUT EVERYDAY! Imagine God only waited till the 25th of December before He blessed you? Hahah! Well, good thing He doesn't because we would complain more than we already do (if that were possible). He is a good God! But again I ask, what do we give in return? Do we wait till the 25th before we give God our hearts? Do we? Look, God doesn't look at the price of the gift (you offer up to Him or someone else), He looks at the heart that's giving. How is your heart all year round? Does your heart offer obediance and love up to God? Does it offer thanksgiving and praise to the Most High? Does your heart serve the Lord all year round? Or do you only remember the poor on Christmas? Does your heart praise God for His PERFECT GIFT all year round? Or do you only remember the manger on Christmas?

This is the time I check myself and ask myself all these questions! Please do the same! Jesus is God's perfect gift to us, let us make sure we are truly living in appreciation of that gift, irrespective of a date amongst the 365 on a calendar. Christmas is supposed to be the time when we praise God THE MORE, worship Him THE MORE, celebrate Jesus THE MORE...not the time we do all that for the very first time during the year.

I guess you see where I'm coming from!

Blessings and Love, Friends!

I wish you the Season's Best.



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