Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's do TWITTER!

Hey there eyeveryone!

What a wonderful day today is!

Just a suggestion I thought I'd share with you. On certain weeks, I admit, I find it quite hard to find the time to blog. I might be aching to do it, wanting so bad to do it...but I just don't get the chance. But one thing I do get the chance to do is tweet. It takes like 5 seconds. So if you're on twitter and you're not already following me, feel free to do so. I usually briefly share an experience, a word, a song, a blog post from another blog I enjoyed or just retweet something I find very meaningful!

So, let's do twitter together.

Blogging still comes first, but on those days where I know I can't blog, you can find me on twitter.

Here's my twitter name: FunTo_tells!

GOD BLESS you, your family, and everything you set you hands to do.

Have a wonderful day filled with God's favour!
Remember to live it like you know you have the victory! Remember to live it in a way that gives glory to your heavenly Father!

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