Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peer Pressure

Blessings and love!

I pray we are all doing wonderfully and having a blessed week. I'll tell you all about mine in an upcoming post!

I just thought I'd quickly write a post before I got started in the library. So here I am with this post on peer pressure, or if you like, group pressure.

We all know what these two are so I won't say much! But I will ask, ever been a victim of peer pressure? Take a moment and think.

I on the other hand always answer "no". I think, it's just not my style. I tell myself I do things because I want to do them and not because of what anyone thinks and not because of what anyone is doing. I was brought up in such a way that my parents warned so often not to follow the crowd but to be my own person, be a leader (a lesson I will never forget, God bless them). So I never got into any of the stuff some other kids would do. I never did anything that made me feel uncomfortable. Even when people might've thought I was being boring, I didn't care, I was just being my own person.

So, there I was so convinced I would never fall into peer pressure (knowing I never have done) until I sat through my criminology class a couple of weeks back. The professor started talking about what leads people to crime (a major criminology question) and if society played a role.

He spoke about different experiments that had been carried out to know if people were pushed to doing things by those around them.He spoke about Ash's experiment and Milgram's experiment (google them if you have the time, very interesting). What was quite challenging was when he asked the class to imagine they lived through Hitler's time in Germany. Would they have committed the same atrocities? Of course everyone said no. I, for one, shook my head vigorously! But then when he spoke about the experiments mentioned earlier and how a majority of people had gone along with what had been going on, how they had 'gone with the flow' something hit me: Peter fell.

We all know the story of Peter. He had been sure, determined, overconfident. He knew in his knowing that He would never deny Christ. Aren't many of us are like Peter? Am I not like that? (I mentioned in the beginning that I was SURE I could never fall into peer pressure). Yet Peter fell! Why? because of a certain type of group pressure: being surrounded by people who didn't think it was cool to be a disciple of Jesus. He was afraid to stand up for what he believed in in the midst of so many people who didn't believe the same. Truth was, he had been so overconfident that he really hadn't prepared himself for such a situation. Thus, he denied Christ THRICE. He went AGAINST EVERYTHING HE BELIEVED IN THRICE! He gave in to peer pressure.

The germans back then never thought they would become who they became under Hitler's rule. It started with a few followers of Hitler and then when a majority gave in to Hitler some others did too. But we all know the majority is not always right.

The good news is that me and you have the chance to prepare ourselves mentally for those times when we think we will most certainly not fall into peer pressure. You see, overconfidence leads nowhere. So whether you think you are likely to give in or not, still prepare yourself mentally and teach yourself to stand your ground so that unlike overconfident Peter, when the cock crows, we would have stood up for Jesus in more ways than one! Stand your ground! Stand out for Christ!

Had to get that off my chest.

In the mean time, watch the funny elevator experiment video (group pressure). Pretty much illustrates what I've just said. We were all laughing when we saw this in my criminology class but deep down we knew in reality the group effect is really not funny.

Friend, my message for you is: TAKE A STAND. BE DIFFERENT FOR CHRIST!

What do you think about peer pressure and what experiences have you had?

Thanks for reading!


Oh, and tomorrow, remember to stand your ground!


  1. it's funny... when i wz watchn da video & saw da last guy, i jst tot "he's acting too dumb" lol...but i've succumbed countless times to pressure. from my junior yrs & even in my adult yrs i find myself succumbing at times so i guess it only takes God to help us be vigilant at all times nd be strong...unafraid to be in most cases it's to do wiv fear of what could happen if we don't....bless God for His word!!

  2. hahah that video is hilarious! LOL.
    I soooo agree with this post. there have been times where I went with the group only to be convicted!! I know that God creates a way out of EVERY temptation, so obviously it would be my flesh urging me on. I think i've learnt now to live ONE day at a time and to DIE TO SELF daily..i'm still learning though haha! but pressure does suck and I praise God that we have a Counsellor within us