Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer Outfits! Part 4

Hey there, beautiful people!

Still here with my summer outfit posts, trying to keep the summer alive in my mind. Well, I don't have to try so hard because the wheather is still really good over here. Actually it's still as sunny as ever and quite hot. Thank God for that, although I am preparing myself mentally for fall. What will I wera? We'll see. Lol.

This outfit is one of those outfits I wore on one of those days I thought it's time to get creative, even while wearing the simplest things. And that's a point I want to make today. I just want to remind us that we can all be creative in our own way. You don't have to go with the trend, just be you. And be creative. I live in a very expensive city so an average outfit can be quite expensive from what you would find in other countries but one thing I've learned is that without neccessarily wearing the most expensive of things, you can look better than most people. Just lear to be creative. I like to think I'm not very creative (at least not as creative as my big Sis, shout out to DatFunkyFro) but the times I've decided to just be a little daring, do something creative, it's always come out really well!

Here's an example:

I'm a fan of yellow. So, why not a very yellow outfit.

The headtie also gives me the African look, which I love :)

Love the wooden earrings. Borrowed from my Big Sis. lol.

Better look at the headtie from the side.

Big visible knot. Part of my creativeness.

I love these multicoloured sandals. I can wear them to pretty much everything.

I'll be VERY HONEST. The headtie was inspired by my big Sis DatFunkyFro who made a couple of Youtube tutorials on different ways to tie a headtie. I love it! So cute! Will definitely be doing this often!

What do you think about this look?

Be creative this week. Wear something you've never tried!

Thanks for reading!



  1. yellow always works...love the slippers..jeans are on point!!!

  2. my sister nd i always wondered if datFunkyFro was your sister....u guys look alike...guess it's confirmed now...
    like ur outfit....nice and simple..

  3. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL HUN! Glad I was of help but frankly, you did most of it! :D


  4. Aw these are beautiful pictures Titi! and Happy Birthday doll!! :)xxxx miss u