Friday, September 2, 2011

Into the World

Hi there!

This is a little something I wrote a couple of days ago in the bus and I thought I'd share. It's more of an illustration than a poem. It's called "Into the World"
(Oh and it only just looks long. Not so long when you read it J).

Dad takes my hand, my fragile little hands
In His firm strong ones.
I’m eager, thrilled. My heart is singing.
He’s taking me out today.
Daddy’s taking me out!

He smiles down at me.
That smile that lights up the world
I look up at Him, overflowing with excitement.
We walk down the wide street.
Big. Big buildings. Big people. Big things.
Small. Too small. Fragile. That’s me.
Good thing I have Dad with me.
My assurance, my lifeguard.

More people come into view.
More things. Of all colours.
Pretty people. Beautiful things.
I want a closer look.
Trying to walk ahead.

But I feel Dad’s hand hold mine firmly.
He is looking down at me with concern.
I know that look, I know what he is thinking.
I know.

I’d promised never to let Him go.
I was to hold His hand at all times.
He had warned me.
But now His warning seemed so unfair.

I want a closer look.
All these pretty things.
Beauty, splendor, shining
Calling for my attention…I have to go take a look for myself

I jerk my hand from Dad’s but He holds on tight.
Angry. Annoyed. I jerk again.  
Let go Daddy, you’re being unfair!
Dad lets go and I shriek in excitement.

I run towards the pretty things.
I twirl around.
Finally free!
I run around to explore.
I find kids my age but they don’t want to play.
They push me around.
Laugh at me.
I fall to the ground.

I run back to the street full of people…so tall.
I can’t find my way.
I can’t make my way through this crowd.
People push past, others stare, some laugh.
I fall to the ground.

Feet nearly trample me over.
I’m scared. I cry
Because I know I’m lost with no way home.
I know all these scary people will hurt me.
They laugh at me. They mock me.
I fall to the ground.

I cry.
I want Daddy.
In the midst of this confusion,
I want to go back home.
With Daddy where I belong.

I’m pushed. Beaten.
I fall to the ground.
I decide to stay there.
Waiting for the end.
But then I feel His hand.
Daddy’s hand.
He pulls me to my feet.
Wipes my tears.
And carries me into His arms.
I’m relieved. Joyful. Ecstatic.

I want to say sorry for letting go
But Dad smiles and hushes me.
In his arms, I know I’m safe.
In His presence,
I know I can never get lost in the world.
I just have to stay here
In His presence.

The things of the world are beautiful
Even enticing
But that’s a trick I’m not falling for again.

I take my Daddy’s hand
Knowing I am never going to let go.


What do you think? And what would you say is the message?

 Thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful weekend full of joy and rejoicing!


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