Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Sunday (August 14th)!

Happy Sunday Lovely People!

I pray we're all having an awesome Sunday! I know I did. I thank God for His word that fortifies and there's nothing I love more than singing praises in His presence. Sometimes I wish we didn't have to worry about going to work or school or doing all those other stuff we need to do, so we could just FOCUS on God and just enjoying fellowshiping in His presence 24/7. I love the fellowship of the saints, hearing God's Word and just praising and worshipping Him with songs and instruments! I tell you, nothing beats that!

The only reason I didn't used to like Sundays was because the day after was Monday. So, I guess it wasn't really Sunday I didn't like but Monday, because it meant the hustle and bustle of everyday life would start over. See what I mean? That's the thing about being in God's house, saturated with His presence. Nothing else seems to matter and you wish it could just last FOREVER. Well, the good news is that it will! In ETERNITY!

What usually bothers me while at church, moved by the message in due season, swept off my feet by the Holy Spirit, overwhelmed with joy and liberty in His presence is the fact that I get scared that the moment I open the church doors, ready to face the world...I get scared all that I had been feeling, the message I'd heard might just dissappear when reminded of all the troubles out the world. So, I just feel like sitting in church forever! Oh, how I wish!

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? I'm really not sure (I'm sure the Spirit knows though hehe). But I know I love me a Sunday! I love being in the house of the Lord!

"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD." (Psalm 122:1 KJV)

One thing I want to tell you is NEVER let the enemy dessuade you from going to the house of the Lord. You know it might be raining and the devil might be trying to convince you it's a valid excuse or someone might have stepped on your toes the Sunday before and the devil might want you to bear a grudge and not go. GO! GO! GO to the house of the Lord, God has something good in store for you. It's rare to go and come out unchanged.

Like today, the message blew me away. It hit home. I LOVE GOD. I love His Word. He loves us so much that He speaks to us, telling us all sorts, but are we ready to listen? The word hit home, yes! But like I said, one of the things that worries me is being afraid I will go into the world and not apply the Word, determined as I may be. This is something we need to pray for. That the Word we hear every Sunday (and the one we read in our daily devotion) will not just inform us but it will TRANSFORM us! We need to make sure we are growing!

The message today, like I said really hit home, and it's one I am planning on keeping close to me. Never letting it go! Is that your attitude every Sunday? Or do you merely shake off the word, wanting to just get the sermon over with? Do you go to the house of the Lord excited about what the Lord will tell you or has going to church just become a tradition? I'm sure we've all been guilty once of going to church for the wrong reasons but NO MORE! PLEASE! Let's go to the house of the Lord EXCPECTING something from God! Chruch is not déjà vu! It never is. So please let's not go with the been-there-done-that attitude! Nobody meets with God and stays the same. So let's go to the house of the Lord with the realization that we are going to meet with God and that we shall not remain the same!

I can testify, really testify to the fact that when you go to God expecting something, He doesn't let you go back empty handed!

Again, HAPPY SUNDAY TO ALL. I have had a great amazing fabulous weekend I'm thanking God for.

Going to hit the books and can't wait till the next time I have a chance to blog. I will have to make time because I am liking it a lot. More SUMMER UPDATES coming up soon. Summer is far from over!

In the mean time, check out the song by William Mcdowell. It was part of the line-up today and it ministered to me in a whole new way. The song does that to me every time we sing it. Deep!

Thank you for reading!

How's your Sunday and what do you get up to on Sundays? What is your attitude to going to the house of the Lord on a Sunday morning when sometimes all you wanna do is sleep in? SHARE!


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  1. Girl you got me jammin to Hillsong's "Tell the world that", its one of my favourvites :) You have a lovely blog hun, very inspiring!