Friday, July 29, 2016

Getting through the Bible - Sunday Set Video

So I've been pretty terrible at sharing some of the things I've been up to. Lots of great and awesome things I easily share on Instagram or my facebook page (you can follow through the links at the top of the page). But it had been harder to keep up with the blogoshere. Well, no more!

One of those awesome things is Sunday Set!!!

Sunday Set is mine and Big Sis' YouTube channel where we share a video each week. Topics such as relationships, faith, staying organized, matters that relate to singles and much more!

This week we released Episode 7: Getting through the Bible.

We share tips that are bound to help you be more effective in your bible-reading. Whether you're that person that reads consistently or that person that has a hard time picking up their Bible, these 3 tips are sure to help!

Check out our video here: Sunday Set Ep. 7 | Getting through the Bible

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

LOVED - A POEM (written by me)


We live in a world where everything changes. Everything is fickle. And it's so easy to build your identity on those fickle things. Your identity should be built on this unchangeable fact: YOU ARE LOVED. Loved by the one who created you. Gave it all for you and died for you. His love is constant. Everlasting. Never ending. With that strongly in mind, you'll realize nothing else really matters.

So here it is. My poem: "Loved"

The older I grow the more I thought I'd know But the days fly by and I'm left high and dry
I grasp at knowledge But the media push me to the edge Won't tell me what I need to know And what really matters, they fail to show
Words, just words void of actions So instead I'm left with more questions Confusion at its very best So I stand here unimpressed
But why look to the world to tell me who I am All it does is showcase its glam Now I know, the answer doesn't lie in books or the big screen See, they'll tell me how to dress but never remind me I'm a queen.
They can't tell me what I need to be Or that what's in the heart is what's key So I'll look to the One who loved me Gave it all for me and set me free
I'll exchange the world's definition of success And trade in all its excess stress Instead I'll make every day an adventure And commit it all to the Author
Still the answers don't lie in what I do each day The promises I make or the things I say Because along the way I'll fall and fail Maybe even stumble and lose the trail
See, the answer to who I am, is not found in me But in the One who died and rose again So that over and over I can proclaim That who I am is...LOVED

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 Reasons Why He's Not Worth It

You've heard it. You know it. And it's time you start believing it: He's. Not. Worth. It. 

BUT if you're looking for a guy-bashing post, I'll have to disappoint (sorry, not sorry!). Because, let's face it, guys are cool. And even if they don't share your feelings and crazy emotions, good guys are still, well, good. 

Yet, I'm here to still tell you that HE IS SO NOT WORTH IT!

Whether "he" is the guy who hardly notices you and never remembers your name, or he's that friend who's got you friend-zoned for years, or even the guy you dated but somewhere down the line surprised you with the famous and crazily banal "it's not you, it's me" (I mean, really, what does that even mean??? Somebody!). He's not worth it. 

He's not worth you shedding tears over him. He's not worth you going out of your way to be something you're not. He's not worth you checking your phone every 5 minutes. He's not worth all the self-doubt that's clogged up your mind. Or even the "what ifs" you keep torturing yourself with. Stop with the "maybe if I wasn't so________ (fill in the blank with current insecurity) he would like me" and the "maybe if I was more _______ he'll finally notice me." Or even "I know he hasn't called or replied my text but maybe if I call him again he'll pick up this time." Just stop, take a moment and listen, OK? 

See, I know he's great and all but, sister to sister, here are a few truths you need to know. And yes, I'm speaking to myself too. A little reminder about the current crush or the ones to come. Because, ladies, let's face it, we definitely need the reminding. 

1) If he can't like you now - as you - nothing you do will change that. 

Ever tried to impress a guy? It might work for a little while then you'll probably find yourself back at square one before long. And nothing is more frustrating! But I'll touch on the frustration later. 
Sister, wouldn't you rather he liked you for you? If you have to work hard to be liked by anyone (really, anyone!!!), you'll wear yourself out. It's exhausting, but mostly, it's useless. Ok, so let's say it actually works. He finally sees you! He finally cares and wants to be with you!...Or does he? Because in reality, he wants to be with the 'you' that you're actually not. And while all might be good and dandy for a little bit, the pretense will make you miserable. He'll realize it too. And you'll be back at square one faster than anyone can say 'heartbreak'.

2) You're missing out on life - YOUR LIFE!!!!

Ok, really. I can't even stress this enough. The dude is living his life. He's just fine. He's eating. Sleeping well. Chilling with friends. Maybe even traveling. And you're...what? Sitting around moping??? You're at an event and instead of having fun, you're preoccupied with whether he'll show up or not, talk to you or not. Or instead of having a good time at a family gathering/ friends hangout, you're sulking, thinking about him. 
I get it. It hurts. The kind of hurt that's hard to explain. The kind you beg God to take away. I won't deny it. But this is YOUR LIFE we're talking about. Where every moment, every second is precious. You can't get a single one back. When you look back, you'll - wait, scratch that, because you'll have nothing to actually look back on except memories of how you didn't live your life because of some guy you probably don't even like anymore. No one is worth putting your life on hold for. Not even him!
So, get out there and do stuff. Make a list of things you'd like to do and actually do them! Go live!

3) He's not the one

If the dude doesn't share your feelings, chances are, he's not the one. It doesn't mean you're not good enough. It doesn't mean you're a failure. It just simply means he's not the one. I believe God has a plan for each of us. Good plans at that (Jeremiah 29:11). And that super handsome guy might not be part of God's plans for you (no matter how right it seems). Some people look back and think, 'thank God that relationship never actually worked out'. You might not see it now, but with a little hindsight you will in the future. Things with this guy might not be working out right now the way you want it, but dare to believe God knows best and He knows what He's doing. And even if what's-his-face is actually the one, have you considered that maybe the time just isn't right at the moment? 

If he's not the one and you've completely set your mind on him, moping about because of him, chances are, you'll miss out on that other great guy who actually only has eyes for you. If what's-his-face isn't the one, then he certainly isn't worth that.  

4) Oh, the frustration!!!

Caring about someone who doesn't feel the same way hurts! And it hurts bad! It hurts when you're not with them and it hurts worse when you find yourself hanging out with him. You're never happy. Even when you've just spent an awesome time together, you're still left feeling miserable. You find yourself in a state of constant frustration. And with that comes mood swings. There is no wins in this. Seriously. It's an endless cycle of misery. And I wish I was exaggerating. Girl, no one should have that much of an impact on your state of mind or happiness. If he doesn't feel the same way, make an effort not to dwell on it and keep things moving! Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for a whole lot of misery. Really. And being constantly miserable because of another human being's lack of affection? No way José! No one is that awesome. Not even batman. Girl, he's not worth it. 

5) You are royalty

Absolutely! Royalty in its finest form. You are beautiful the way you are. And you are already loved. You are the daughter of the King. And He loves you so much He gave his life for you. Now tell me, with that in mind, why should you torment yourself because of what's-his-name? Baby girl, you are special and just because he can't see it or appreciate it doesn't make that fact any less true. Someone will surely come along who will see you for the queen you are and treat you that way. Anyone who treats you any less than the queen you are is NOT WORTH IT. And baby girl, I'm not afraid to keep typing that in big caps if it means it'll help it sink in. You deserve the very best. You deserve to be appreciated and loved. You deserve to have his attention and affection. You deserve to mean the world to someone. And if this dude doesn't see you that way, that's fine. Don't dwell on it. Keep it moving. You don't deserve to be treated less than the queen you are anyway. He's just leaving room for the man who can fill those shoes. 

That's it! 5 reasons he's not worth it. Birth out of years of listening to and watching different ladies around me. And even out of experience. 

And if you're a guy and you've made it through this list, chances are, she's not worth it ;)

Additions? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments! Have a friend who needs to read this? Don't hesitate to share!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Our photography website! (+ pictures)

Big Sis and I finally launched our photography website last month! Parts of the site are still under construction but I love it! Go take a look at

You can check out our portraits: 

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Our wedding photography: 

Our travel photography: 


So go check them out! All on

Also, once a week we publish a blogpost on the blog. You'll get it directly in your mail once you subscribe. So, do subscribe!

It's been amazing working on photography projects with big Sis and I can't begin to tell you how much fun we have. Always do what you love with those you love!

What are you currently doing that you love? Leave a comment below! I'd love to know! Also, if you have a website, don't hesitate to share in the comments. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

7 Christmas Movie Fails - Because it's fun to point them out (Merry Christmas!!!!!)

I can be a pretty random person. I mean, last year, you could hardly get me to sit in front of a Christmas movie. I just about boycotted them. Don't ask why, it just wasn't happening that year. This year, however, I started watching them in October. Like, average 4 movies a week! Not exactly sure how I went from one extreme to the other. Totally random. But anyway, when you've seen that many Christmas movies, you start to notice the major fails that show up in every other movie. And no matter how much it bugs you, you shake your head, smile then watch the next movie. the end of the day, they're still somewhat addictive.

So, on this Christmas day, here is my list of Christmas movie fails. (Please note: these fails mostly apply to contemporary Christmas movies and not the classic ones. I haven't seen enough of those yet ;))

1) The snow miracle

This is that scene where, despite it not having snowed through out the movie, it suddenly starts snowing for no good reason at a significant point in said movie when all's right with the world. It usually occurs at the end of the movie: everyone's happy, problems are solved, the family's together and we're just waiting for the credits to start rolling. BUT the writers decided the movie just won't be complete without someone suddenly looking up and saying "Look! It's snowing!" Sure, it's cute. But c'mon, it couldn't snow earlier on in the movie? And can't the writers hold off from this little cliché when the story takes place in someplace like...oh, I dunno, Florida or California? Because...please, really????

2) Random movie titles  

This one is somewhat self explanatory. Movie makers probably fear no one will watch their Christmas movie unless the words "Holiday", "Christmas" or "Merry" appear somewhere in the title. If they're feeling adventurous, they might go for "Ornament", "Snow" or "Angel" instead. Most of the time, this makes for awkward, predictable or just plain random names.  

3) The Scrooge 

Scrooges come in all forms. Ok, so you might not necessarily find a scrooge scrooge. But you'll most likely find that busy executive / majorly successful person who's too busy for Christmas but one way or another inevitably finds themselves back in their small hometown for the holidays and miraculously rediscovers the true spirit of Christmas. If you haven't come across this at least a dozen times probably don't watch Christmas movies and only stumbled across this page by accident.

4) Awkward family gathering at the end

This! This is sweet yet extremely awkward and painful to watch. All that at once. It's that scene at the end where the family's all gathered around a tree, piano...etc. And everyone's smiling blissfully. Usually, they'll be dancing to some background music, singing a Christmas carol or opening presents - sometimes they'll be doing all three. I saw a movie the other day where as they opened presents, a member of the cast just randomly started singing a solo. Everyone else smiled at each other and watched her sing. It's the kind of scene that would be majorly awkward in real life and that in itself makes it painful to watch.

5) There's snow everywhere but no one's wearing a coat

Call me particular or critical but you expect me to believe the streets are covered in 'real' snow yet not one person is wearing an actual coat, or gloves, or a hat...I rest my case.

6) The main character called "Holly"

Yes, I've seen this several times. Pick a name out of a hat or something. But please, don't overuse the name for the season's sake. 

7) The creepy Santa

You know, the creepy Santa who meddles in everyone's business trying to "fix" everything without really being asked. I have no idea how anyone thought this was a good idea. It creeps me out. And it makes Santa look like a creeper. So, no. If you somehow know a screenwriter, beg them to just not do this. Here's a little tip: for some reason, a meddling angel works much much better. If you want someone to meddle, get an angel. It's just not Santa's job.

Well, that's it friends! Anything to add to the list? While you type it up, excuse me a moment as I go watch my next Christmas movie. Who knows, I might find something with ALL the key words in the title. Like, "Merry Snowy Christmas: A Holiday of Ornaments and Angels." Hahaha. I gotta quit being silly. 

Blessings to you and yours as you celebrate the birth of our Savior :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Falling Like Snowflakes - Book Review - Lovely Read

Back cover summary

When the Christmas season finds Eden in Summer Harbor, Maine, she's on the run from trouble. Romance is the last thing on her mind.
Riding in a bus in the thickly falling snow, Eden Davis wonders how it ever came to this-fleeing under cover of night with young Micah sleeping fitfully in the seat beside her. When a winter storm strands them in Summer Harbor, Maine, Eden wonders if what might have been the end could be a new beginning.
Beau Callahan is a habitual problem-solver. He's recently left his job with the sheriff's department to take over the family Christmas tree farm to save it from insolvency. But he's flummoxed. During the busiest season of the year, he's shorthanded. Then Eden shows up looking for work, and Beau believes he's been rescued. Competent, smart, and beautiful, Eden's also guarded and quiet. He soon figures out she comes with a boatload of secrets. But Beau can't seem to help himself from falling for her.
As Christmas Eve approaches, Beau discovers he'll do anything to keep Eden safe. But who's going to protect his heart from a woman who can't seem to trust again?

My Review

After reading the last book of the Chapel Springs series, in which we were briefly introduced to the characters of the then upcoming series Summer Harbor, I couldn't wait to fully meet them. So I'm glad to be reviewing book one in the series.

Don't let the cover fool you, "Falling Like Snowflakes" is more than a sweet holiday season romance. A lot of the time, I was afraid for the characters yet the book is well balanced in that there are many moments where you'll smile and laugh with them. I liked both the characters of Beau and Eden. But I have to admit they weren't my favorites. Eden's backstory was different and it was easy to feel for her. I like that Beau wasn't made out to be the perfect hero. He got angry or frustrated at times. He was maybe even overprotective of his brothers but all of that made his character that much more real and easy to relate with. The dialogue was great and I believe Denise Hunter did a great job bringing the characters in this novel to life. 

I fell in love with the other two Callahan brothers, Zac and Riley and I can't wait to read more about them. I enjoyed every scene they were in. The great brotherly interaction adds a little something extra and unique to this book that I really loved and enjoyed. Even the brothers' arguments and strongheadedness was enjoyable simply for the fact that there was such a 'real life' element to it. 

In short, I absolutely enjoyed it. Yes, it's a happy ending but at the same time it wasn't all fairy tales. Things could have turned out better for Paige but I believe the real-life element is what makes this book that much more unique.

It's a story about facing our fears and one that teaches about the real meaning of freedom. One only Christ can give. 

I would recommend this book to everyone who likes all things sweet though real. And those who love some festive mistletoe hanging on the kitchen ceiling.

5/5 Stars 

I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers® (Thomas Nelson) in exchange for an honest review. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Married 'til Monday - Book Review - Fun, heart-melting and very real!

Back cover summary

With a big anniversary party in the works for her parents, Ryan will pretend to be Abby's husband for just one last weekend.

Ryan McKinley has tried to move on from his ex-wife, Abby. He's sulked, he's gotten angry, and ultimately he bought her dream house. Big mistake. Living alone in the massive 2-story has only made him miss her more. When her parents call him out of the blue about their anniversary party in Summer Harbor, Maine, Ryan believes God has dropped a golden opportunity straight in his lap.

Abby McKinley never exactly told her parents about the divorce. A strained relationship with her dad has culminated in a distant relationship with her parents, but she's finally succumbed to her mom's pressure to make the drive for their 35th-anniversary party.

Then Ryan shows up on her doorstep, looking as devastatingly handsome as ever. When he insists he's going to Seabrook, with or without her, Abby knows she can't say no. Her parents still think they're married and now Ryan knows it too. Besides, he only wants to check in with his best friend from college-her cousin Beau, who just lost his dad. It's just a one-week road-trip with the man who broke her heart. What could possibly go wrong?

My review

Reading the very first book in the Chapel Springs Romance series, Barefoot Summer, I was pretty curious about Ryan and the story surrounding his divorce. Even from book one where he only made a couple appearances, the eldest of the Mckinley children immediately catches your attention with his caring big brother nature. 

In Married 'til Monday, we see a different side to Ryan and get the juicy details to his story. He's not just the considerate big brother. But an absolutely fun-loving guy with struggling with a heartache. He never quite got over his divorce and definitely never got over his ex-wife Abby. He is quite the endearing character.  

I love how Denise Hunter not only tells the present story but also spontaneously takes us back to when Ryan and Abby first met in college, how he pursued her, how they got married. All of which was absolutely heart-warming. Some of the flashbacks very easily became some of my favorite parts of the story. 

Theirs is such a real story. It is really one I could understand and I could see any couple going through what they went through. Right from their happy marriage to their divorce. The reader easily understands and sympathizes with both (yes, both!) characters. The Mckinleys are very easy to view as the perfect family with perfect members but I appreciated the not-so-perfect reactions of Mrs. Mckinley and Ryan's siblings in certain parts of the book. To me, it just made it all that much more realistic.

My only slight complaint would be that I would have liked a conclusive confrontation with Abby's parents. A confrontation in which everything be brought out into the light. Simply just for someone to tell her father what a horrible person he was. But I suspect that might come in the next series: The Summer Harbor series. Talking of which, it was also lovely being introduced to some of the characters in the series to come. 

Overall, a lovely story of second chances, resting in God's very own healing power even when overcoming abuse and trusting in His guidance. 

I absolutely loved and enjoyed this book. It gets all my votes. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 

I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers® (Thomas Nelson) in exchange for an honest review.